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Defiance In-Depth: Vehicles for Player Use

In Defiance, there are many unique vehicles that players can use to travel across the massive world with.  Currently, vehicles are listed under one of three classifications: Runners, Rollers, and Cerebrus. Each class has its own skill associated with it. Players can level their vehicle skills by driving certain distances, making massive jumps, killing enemies, etc. Each vehicle has individual ratings for hit points (the amount of health the vehicle has), DMG (the amount of damage), Speed, Boost Speed, Boost Refill (the time it takes for your boost to recharge), and Boost Amount.


Runners (at this time) are basically just 4-wheelers. The 2 known Runners right now are the Hannbial 800TR Quad and the A-Tex Growler. Runners typically have much less health than the other vehicle types.

Defiance A-Tex Growler Pro

A-Tex Growler Pro


The Growler is one of the first vehicles given to new players after they complete a few of the main missions for the E-REP. Both of these ATVs come in various colors. The A-Tex Growler’s stats are as follows:

Hit Points – 4,822

DMG – 3,536

Speed – 20.0

Boost Speed – 24.0

Boost Refill – 0.3

Boost Amount – 2.5

Defiance Hannibal 800TR Quad

Hannibal 800TR Quad

The Hannibal (pictured above) has a higher speed and boost speed than the Growler but is also much less durable.


Rollers are basically the equivalent of a traditional car. One of the most commonly found is the Dodge Challenger because it came with the Defiance game for free for players that pre-ordered the game. As of right now the Challenger is supposed to be the fastest Roller available for players.

Defiance Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger

The Challenger is quite a beast when it comes to transportation. Its stats are as follows:

Hit Points – 14,446

DMG – 6,500

Speed – 29.6

Boost Speed – 28.0

Boost Refill – 0.3

Boost Amount – 2.5


Cerebrus is the classification in Defiance given to basically any big truck in the game. They generally have a lot more HP than vehicles in any of the other classes. They can also deal a good amount of damage to enemies when driving into them. Unfortunately, because they are huge and clunky, they are also pretty slow in comparison to the cars and ATVs found throughout the game.

Defiance Cerebrus


The truck you are instructed to drive (the radar scanner one) when playing through the starting missions with Cass is considered a Cerebrus. It’s large, slow, but packs quite a punch when rammed into mutants and hellbugs.

NOTE: We will be updating this page as more and more vehicles are discovered in the game. We will be providing all of the stats along with images of the different color variations and models of each one, too.

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