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Defiance In-Depth: Overview of Weapons

Science-fiction MMORPGs are becoming a lot more plentiful this year—and Trion Worlds’ Defiance is the latest entry into this growing contingent. Defiance is one upcoming shooter MMORPG, a burgeoning ‘sub-genre’ that’s more or less the natural evolution of online-based multi-player shooters.

Trion Worlds‘ shooter MMO dumps players right in the middle of a ravaged and astonishingly terraformed Earth, several years into the distant future. This Earth is unlike the one many people remember, instead hosting ruins and creatures both unfamiliar and hostile to arriving players.

This newer crop of hostile creatures and ravaged environments came about after the terraforming of Earth, a game-related event where aliens from other planets seized valuable Earth land for themselves. The result of this massive terraforming event caused the Earth’s flora and fauna to go extinct over time. This essentially created a new breeding ground for advanced species of flora and fauna to take their place.

Defiance Weapons

The Weapons of Defiance

A lot of Defiance’s weapons harken back to tried-and-true science-fiction weapon types. Players will have a lot of fun picking their go-to weapon for ‘tagging’ and eventually defeating mobs. The latest information released by Trion Worlds revealed that among the many weapon types in the game, there’s plenty of upgrades available for players to customize their weapons to their tastes. How many upgrades are expected to be in the game? As of this time, thousands.

Weapons range from simple pistols to sniper rifles, alien-technology-infused SMGs & assault rifles, advanced explosive weaponry, and other odd, but destructive, items.

Here’s an official video featuring some of the weapons plus some of their modifications:

To go into detail, each weapon type in the game can be leveled up through regular play. The different weapon types are categorized based on the type of damage they inflict. During regular game play, players are expected to find weapons such as:

  • Siphon – A weapon type that attaches to enemies to siphon away health.
  • Radiation – A weapon type that breaks enemy shields, making them take more damage.
  • Electrical – A weapon type that stuns enemies or even disables the HUD of other players.
  • Biological – A weapon type that slows enemy movement through sticking something to their feet.

In Defiance, players naturally have to find a way to defeat hostile fauna as they roam the ravaged Earth. What better way to take care of these creatures than weapons? Luckily for players, Trion Worlds made sure to include lots of them for the game’s launch.

There’s already more than 20 unique Defiance weapons ready for eager players in game. This coming April 2nd, players should get ready to trek across the ravaged Earth with their new weapons in hand.

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