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Defiance In-Depth: Overview of The Scrappers

The Bay Area is home to several hostile species of fauna, brought forth by terraforming. The most notable, and perhaps most commonly encountered, are known as the Scrappers. These creatures of Defiance are a robot-based species, which more or less implies they were built and became sentient shortly after the ravaged Earth’s terraforming. What does this mean for players?

Defiance Scrappers

Players exploring the ravaged Bay Area are highly likely to encounter the Scrappers, perhaps during the first time they play the game. The Scrappers, in fact, are likely to roam most, if not all, of the Bay Area’s many regions. Players will have the chance to explore several Bay Area locale, encompassing several territories like Madera, Marin, Sausalito and San Francisco itself.

Here’s the official intel video regarding this enemy-type:

The Scrappers are naturally hostile, considered a semi-sentient enemy. These nearly-sentient creatures were mainly built from scrap metal and other salvaged technology, which is perhaps the cause of their almost sentience.

Scrappers are commonly found performing salvaging related tasks around the main old ruins located around Earth, such as the ruins found throughout San Francisco. Although the Scrappers are semi-sentient as creatures, their actions may imply that a higher power or intelligence being provides them direction from another place.

There are currently more than one type of the Scrappers, handily revealed before Defiance’s early April launch. The types of Scrappers in the game include the Scrapper Forge, the common and elite Scrapper Helibot, the Scrapper Mongrel, the common and elite Scrapper Omnivolt and the Scrapper Nanite.

These enemies may seem a bit invulnerable, though like most MMORPG enemies, they have a weakness. They possess vulnerable patchwork weapon systems.

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