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Defiance In-Depth: Overview of The Mutants

In Defiance, The Mutants are one of the many unique enemy types that you’ll face while chasing down Arkfalls, completing Pursuits, and participating in other parts of the game. Unlike the Hell Bugs which have mutated from bacteria owing to a disaster in the terra-forming process, The Mutants used to be regular people.

Similar to how former miners have been genetically transformed into super-humans who are ‘part human and part cyborg’ with some being complete robots, The Mutants are also genetically mutated versions of regular humans beings.

Defiance The Mutants

What They Are

The Mutants are former soldiers, scientists and various biochemists and workers at military camps, research labs and organizations and also on the field. They had been recovered from abandoned camps, operation bases and from various other places, and genetically transformed to form a sort of alien species. Some of The Mutants have retained their human forms while most have not. They have superhuman capabilities. Their limbs are stronger and harder than normal humans and so are their bodies. Their skin and organs are sturdier than normal humans, which offer them the additional strength and also make them less vulnerable to normal weapons and combat actions.

Here’s the official Defiance intel video for The Mutants:

How They Operate

Despite all of the strengths of The Mutants, they are not invincible. They can be killed, quite easily, with conventional headshots as their cranium is as vulnerable as that of ordinary humans. Other than the cranium, there are soft spots in their bodies which can be targeted. Since The Mutants are aggressive, it is recommended that Ark Hunters act fast while facing them and while challenged.

The Mutants who were soldiers previously retain all their training and weapon tactics. They can strategize, form a group, they can use any firearms including the state of the art weapons which have not yet been available for the Ark Hunters and in addition to the training and experience of combat and war, The Mutants are stronger than before due to their unique mutation.

During and after the mutation process they have been turned against the humans and they perceive all Ark Hunters as threats and thus are enemies.

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