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Defiance In-Depth: Overview of The 99ers

The 99ers are one of the many kinds of enemies that you are about to be challenged by in the new Trion MMO-shooter, Defiance. While the arks and the alien life forms stand sturdily all along the way, you should expect to encounter many of these powerful guys on your journey to the fallen ark-techs and while you fight the Shadow Wars, too.

What They Are

Defiance Ninety-Niners

The 99ers are former miners. They were humans who used to work at the mines scouring for precious stones, minerals and various metals for the interest of the large business organizations. To increase productivity and to commit to relentless work, they had signed up for a program which has turned them into cyborgs. They are not entirely aliens but they are not human either. They have cybernetic limbs, robotic organs and are no longer confined to the normal human shortcomings or principles.

The primary objective of creating 99ers by the mining companies was to increase productivity so that they could work endlessly, consistently exceeding the end result. But over time, they have turned out to be handy in combat as well.

Here is an official intel video about the 99ers from the Defiance YouTube channel:

Why They’re an Enemy

Defiance 99ers are a consistent threat to Ark Hunters, or the gamers. They are territorial and would not tolerate trespassing or anyone invading their territory. They have a tendency to attack without any sort of provocation. Since they are no longer human and have superhuman powers, owing to the cybernetic limbs and the lack of human vital organs, they are also very hard to beat. The Defiance 99ers are deadly and they can come up with surprise attacks, cause catastrophic damage and can easily kill the Ark Hunters.

How To Beat the 99ers

The general recommendation is to stay away from the 99ers and their territories. Since they do not venture out beyond their assigned territories, Ark Hunters do not have to worry about them unless a mission or a contract requires them to explore a mining site or industrial areas where they are based.

Normal combat would be futile against the 99ers. One has to go for the headshot to kill it or one has to blast off the fuel source on their body. They come in many shapes and their craniums may not always be on the head. Ark Hunters must look for soft spots and also, the fuel tanks or source will not be in the same places for all 99ers.

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