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Defiance In-Depth: Overview of Raiders

What They Are

The Raiders in Defiance are known as a large, inter-species horde of self-proclaimed lawless scavengers and cannibals. These particular enemies terrorize the out-lands of Earth affected from the Arkfall event. Raiders are ruthless in that they have no problem preying upon unoccupied and even occupied towns. They pillage town goers of their valuable resources. They also have no qualms about killing and even enslaving the town’s residents.

Defiance Raiders

Surprisingly enough, Raiders are mainly a nomadic race, meaning they wander throughout the land, until they decide to eventually seize ripe land for themselves. Some of the land they’ve already claimed for themselves include Madera and Sausalito.

Check out the official intel video on the Raiders to learn more about them:

Taking out Raiders

Raiders encourage players to play a bit more strategically than they usually would. Although it’s effective to run and kill a mob, Defiance Raiders work a bit differently. They run in packs. Players may see them running in groups in the previously mentioned open areas. Sometimes, a few or a single Raider may wander around. However they’re encountered, taking them out will need some strategy.

Raiders, although appearing in groups, actually have no centralized structure, meaning their assemblage isn’t actually attributed to organized leadership of any kind. They’re a pack of enemies who essentially ‘follow the leader’ when it comes to inflicting lots of violence.

Players looking to take down their first pack of Raiders in Defiance are advise to use explosives on entire groups, ensuring the damage splashes across most of the mob for sufficient enough damage. Taking on an individual Raider or even just a few? Snipe them from a distance, though many should make sure their weapon has enough damage to cover taking down their health before they get aggravated enough to attack.

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