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Defiance In-Depth: Overview of Major & Minor Arkfalls

One of the primary objectives throughout the entirety of Defiance is to obtain pieces of alien technology known as Arktech. This tech is gathered by participating in Arkfalls, which are meteor-like objects that fall from the sky the contain the equipment pieces. The game describes these events as being broken bits of Votan spacecraft that were blown up in space during the war that rain down to Earth.

How to Find Arkfalls

Arkfalls are represented on your map by a red, meteor-shaped icon surround by a transparent red circle. There are two different types of Arkfalls: major and minor. Minor Arkfalls are usually isolated incidents where just 1 comes down but Major Arkfalls typically involve several meteors and are spread out across the land.

These events occur randomly throughout the game. In most cases there will be tons of other players at the location of the Arkfall that will assist you in killing enemies and destroying crystals.

Both major and minor Arkfalls are enemy-specific. The enemy is always at the Arkfall before you are. You and other players must kill the enemies to take control of the Arkfall. Below we have listed the different types you’ll encounter.

Minor Arkfall Types

Defiance Minor Arkfalls

Minor Arkfalls happen more often than major ones. During these you will have to fight off specific enemy types to gain control of the location and receive the tech. There are 7 known types of minor Arkfalls including:

  • Hell Bug Destruction
  • Hell Bug Uprising
  • Mutant Conflict
  • Mutant Mayhem
  • Raider Decimation
  • Raider Destruction
  • Scrapper Disruption
  • 99er

During the HellBugs related minor events you’ll encounter mostly Skitterlings (which you should try not to kill because they actually help to break open the Arkfall crystal), Warriors, and Hunters. These are generally the easiest Arkfalls to complete.

During the Mutant related minor events you will encounter different mutants such as soldiers, cleavers, riflemen, mini-gunners, and grenadiers. These are slightly more difficult for new players but still fairly easy for seasoned Defiance players.

During the Raider related minor events you’ll face off against several different Raiders enemy types including Blasters, Blitzers, Rioters, and the occasional Tanker. These are a bit more difficult because Raiders have slightly more health and more powerful gear than Hell Bugs or Mutants.

During the Scrappers related minor events you’ll find yourself fighting off robot enemy types such as Omnivolts, Mongrels, Forges, and Nanites. These guys have a lot more shields than the enemies listed above and can be a real nuisance.

During the 99er related minor events you’ll have to kill all kinds of 99ers to secure the Arkfall. These can include Blacklungs (have tons of shields and blast you with grenade-like objects), Drones, Goldrushers, Mattocks, and Smelters. In most cases, you have to use a bit more strategy when playing against 99ers than with any other enemy type. They have a lot more shields, are capable of dealing a lot more damage to your player, and can become a real problem when a large group of them is around.

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Major Arkfall Types

Defiance Major Arkfalls

Major Arkfalls don’t happen quite as often but when they do, they are huge, glorious events in which 50+ players usually attend. These last a lot longer, too, because they often spawn multiple Arkfalls and much larger enemies that take a lot more to kill than standard PvE enemies. Currently there are 3 known types of majors:

  • Hell Bug Extermination
  • Revolting Hell Bugs
  • Mother of All Hell Bugs

During the Hell Bug Extermination events there are usually a few crash sites where small to medium sized groups of Hell Bugs will appear. In these you’ll face off against pretty standard Hell Bug types for a short while until a Hell Bug Hellion rises up from the ground. These creatures are massive and must be killed by dealing damage to glands under its arms. If it isn’t killed within a certain time-frame it will spawn a Hell Bug Monarch.

The Revolting Hell Bugs event is slightly larger than the Extermination. It generally has a few more Arkfall spawns and more, larger Hell Bug groups. After a while you’ll face a Mature Hellion which, instead of having arms, has mouths. You must deal tons of damage to its mouths to kill it.

Mother of All Hell Bugs is the major-est of all major Arkfalls (that we’ve discovered so far, anyway). You’ll face all kinds of bugs including Archers, Blast Pods, and Monarchs (including Elite versions). And after a bit you’ll encounter a Hell Bug Matron (which kinda looks like the brain-bug from Starship Troopers). This is a boss-style enemy that will take a large group of Ark Hunters to take down.

Why Complete Arkfalls?

Arkfalls are one of the absolute best things to do in the game if you want to earn tons of experience and Scrip. Even minor events typically reward you with at least 2500 XP and 500+ Scrip. The highest we’ve seen so far is 7500 experience and 2000 Scrip earned from a major Arkfall event. So if you’re looking to level up quickly, you should definitely participate in some of these. Plus, they also contribute to some of the Pursuits’ goals which leads to more EGO rating and Scrip.

Wanna hit the EGO rating cap fast? How ’bout make so much Scrip that you won’t know what to buy? Or maybe you want to know how to boost your Reputation to spend at faction vendors? Check out the Defiance Guru Game Guide – a detailed, easy-to-follow guide for everything in Defiance.

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