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Defiance In-Depth: Overview of Hell Bugs

What They Are

In Defiance, Hell Bugs are a special species of animals that pose a fatal threat to Ark Hunters and shall stand in their way of accomplishing contracts, winning shadow wars and exploring the various terrains within the game.

Defiance Hell Bugs

Hell Bugs are scientifically known as Scylla Formicida. They are large, six legged creatures which were created through terra-forming technology. Although Hell Bugs were not precisely designed nor were they desired they are a nasty byproduct of terra-forming technology.

Where They Came From

The origin of the Hell Bug lies in some small bacteria that mutated. Their outermost skin or layer of the body is very hard. It is almost impenetrable. Their hard outer skin and their robust build make them efficient in cutting through rocks and exploring mines and underground terrains with ease which no other creature or machine can cater to. Hell Bugs are able to dig themselves into hard rocks and create tunnels as they move, can create underground hives or spring up to the surface all of a sudden by creating a tunnel resulting in an opening.

How They Operate

These dangerous creatures live in colonies and are guided by their Matriarch. Their colonies are mostly underground but they come to the surface in search of food. They can reproduce and lay eggs for the same purpose. There are various types of bugs found throughout Defiance, typically classified as the Hell Bug Skitter-ling, the Hell Bug Warrior, the Elite Hell Bug Warrior, the Hell Bug Archer, the Elite Hell Bug Archer, the Hell Bug Matriarch, the Hell Bug Matron, the Hell Bug Hellion, the Mature Hell Bug Hellion, the Hell Bug Monarch and the Hell Bug Blast Pod.

Here is an official video that goes into more detail about these critters:

The Defiance Intel agencies state that the Hell Bugs were a result of a terra-forming disaster and the creatures are extremely aggressive and also territorial. Although they have a hard exoskeleton and cannot be squashed or hurt by small firearms or weapons, they have soft spots and they are at their weakest when faced from the front.

When they open their mouths, they are at their most vulnerable. The Hell Bugs are capable of toxic secretions which they can spit out and that can travel quite a distance. These secretions are fatal for normal humans. Their sharp appendages can also cause a fatal injury.

Defiance (the game, not the show) comes out for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 on April 2nd.

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