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Defiance In-Depth: Completing Contracts & Earning Reputation

There are several forms of currency found throughout Defiance including Scrip, Ark Salvage, Keycodes, and Bits. But, once you reach a level 250 EGO rating, a new money type opens up that is even more valuable called Reputation. This currency can be used to purchase high level, rare weapons and gear from special vendors.

NOTE: Your player must have at least 250 EGO rating to access contracts.

Defiance Reputiation and Contracts

How to Build Reputation

You can earn Reputation by completing contracts for one of the factions in Defiance which include: Von Boch Industries, Top Notch Toolworks, Echelon, Soleptor Enterprises, and Paradise Territory. Each of these factions puts out both daily and weekly contracts that players can complete to earn Scrip, new weapons, and the invaluable Reputation.

You can view the faction vendors by going to your map and hovering over the white boxes. Regular vendors will just be labeled as ‘merchant’ or ‘mods’ while the faction ones will be labeled by their faction name, i.e. Top Notch Toolworks vendor, or Echelon vendor.

How to Find Contracts

To find out what contracts are available for you to do simply go into the main menu, head over to the ‘Goals’ section and then select the ‘Contracts’ tab. Here you’ll be able to check out all of the contracts from each faction, find out what the objective requirement is, figure out how long you have to complete the contract, and see what the reward is.

Why You Should Complete Them

As we mentioned before, Reputation is a very valuable form of currency in Defiance. At the headquarters of each faction you’ll find faction-specific vendors. These vendors typically sell some of the best weaponry, grenades, and other gear in the game. In most cases they have at least all purple-grade gear (rare). Once in a while they will also have a piece of orange gear (super rare).

Faction vendors also sell advanced or cosmetically-altered vehicles. These are usually pretty expensive but they look awesome. Some of the vehicles they sell have a lot more speed, boost, and overall health than the ones you’ll find elsewhere. Others are decked out in cool color schemes like black / blue or black / gold.

On top of earning Reputation you’ll also earn a good bit of Scrip and experience while completing the contracts. This is because most of them require you to kill certain enemy types in PvE, complete co-op maps, kill players in competitive multiplayer, or something along those lines. You’ll earn XP for each of those things as well as Scrip. You may even loot some awesome gear along the way.

Learn how to quickly raise your EGO rating to the max, how to make tons of Scrip in no time flat, how to increase your Reputation with ease, and so much more by checking out the Defiance Guru Game Guide – a comprehensive strategy guide for the game that will make you an unstoppable playing in both PvE and PvP and also be updated for all future DLC and patches!

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