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Defiance Guide to Getting Purple or Orange (Rare) Gear

The main aspect of Defiance that will make or break your character in either PvE or PvP play is your gear. Weapons, shields, grenades, and the like play an important role in building up the overall power and effectiveness of your build. Most players are used to either purchasing or looting white, green, and blue color-coded items, but the most powerful and valuable pieces of gear in the game are purple or orange. Don’t know how to get them? The guide below explains.

How to Get Rare Gear

Defiance Rare Weapons

Defiance Rare Weapons

Everyone wants the most powerful weapon, shield, and tactical they can get their hands on. And if you have a full set of purple or orange gear, you’re pretty much set. But how do you get these incredibly strong and rare items? You can get them through the following methods:

  • Getting lucky when looting dead enemies.
  • Finding one during a special vendor sale.
  • Getting one from the loot in a lock box.
  • Purchasing from faction vendors with Rep.

Now, looting rare weapons is something that almost never happens. In most cases you won’t find anything other than whites, greens, and blues. And that’s even with gear that increases your loot finding chances. So that isn’t the best option. You CAN find rare weapons during the vendor special sales but this is also pretty rare. The best way to find one with that method is to hit every vendor on the map at least once, including hidden vendors.

The final 2 methods are the absolute BEST ways to get rare gear. Lock boxes are a game of chance, but if you pick the right ones and have Lady Luck on your side, you’ll be rewarded well. Faction vendors are your best chance for getting purple gear because they almost always have them for sale. But, it takes a lot of work to earn them. Let’s get into more detail…

Looting Rare Gear from Lock Boxes

Defiance Lock Box

Defiance Lock Box

Lock boxes are a great way to score some powerful, rare weapons, shields, and even grenades. This option is available to any player right from the moment you start playing Defiance. The only thing is you have to have the currency to purchase them. If you play with just the game resources you’ll have to have some Scrip and some Keycodes.

You can earn Scrip by doing pretty much anything in the game so it shouldn’t be hard to raise that. Keycodes, on the other hand, require a bit more patience. You can earn Keycodes a number of ways but the 2 best methods are by completing story missions and breaking down gear to Ark Salvage.

Most of the main story missions will reward you with 1 or 2 Keycodes once you complete them. This can be rather time consuming, though. Instead, try going out into the world and killing every mutant, hellbug, raider, 99er, and any other any you can find. Some will drop loot, some won’t.

For even more hot tips and strategies for leveling your EGO rating, earning Scrip, finding the best gear in the game, and more, be sure to check out the Defiance Guru Game Guide – a detailed, easy-to-follow guide to everything in Defiance.

If you loot any gear that is white, green, or blue, open up your menu and head over to the Ark Matrix. Select these worthless pieces of gear to convert them to resources. This will destroy the gear but give you a bit of Ark Salvage in return. For white gear you’ll get 250, green will give you 500, and blue will give you 750.

You can then go to a lock box vendor and buy Keycodes using your Ark Salvage currency. Currently it costs 1000 Ark Salvage per Keycode. But if you loot enough crap gear off enemies it shouldn’t be hard to load up on Keycodes that you can use to purchase lock boxes

NOTE: The most cost efficient and rewarding lock boxes (from our personal experience) are the Tier 3 ones. Tier 4 boxes are just too expensive and Tier 2 boxes have yet to turn up anything decent for us.

Buying Rare Gear from Faction Vendors

Echelon Faction Vendor

Echelon Faction Vendor

Once you reach an EGO rating of at least 250 a new mission system and currency type opens up. You’ll get the chance to make use of Defiance contracts. These are missions you are sent on by one of the games’ factions such as Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises, or Toolworks (among others). Once you’ve completed a contract you’ll earn a new currency called Reputation.

Reputation can be used to purchase some really awesome weapons, mods, shields, and more from special faction-specific vendors. These appear on your map when you hover over the white diamonds with titles such as ‘Von Bach Industries vendor’ or ‘Soleptor Enterprises vendor’ rather than the typical ‘supplies’ or ‘vendor’ labels.

The items are pretty pricey and require a good amount of Reputation so you’ll have to do a ton of the contract missions to earn enough to purchase them. But these special vendors almost always have purple or better gear available to buy. They even have special vehicles.

For even more hot tips and strategies for leveling your EGO rating, earning Scrip, finding the best gear in the game, and more, be sure to check out the Defiance Guru Game Guide – a detailed, easy-to-follow guide to everything in Defiance.

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