Defiance Game Tips for Beginner Ark Hunters

Defiance is a huge game in many different ways. The maps are huge, there’s more than one game-type players can get involved in, and the gear combinations are nearly endless. This call be all pretty daunting to new players, especially considering the game doesn’t provide very good tutorials for doing anything in-game. That being said, we put together a mini-guide to getting started in Defiance below.

Getting Started

One of the first things you should do is register an Ark Hunter on the official Defiance website and link your account to it. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing on PC because your account will already be linked up, but if you’re playing on either the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 this is something you’ll want to do.

Once you’ve registered an account simply head to the link-up area. This can be found by hovering over the ‘My EGO’ tab and clicking on the ‘Link to Console’ option which will bring you to a page with this on it:

Defiance Console Link Up

Defiance Console Link Up

Just enter the 15-digit code you got when you loaded up Defiance and click the link to console button. That’s all there is to this step.

Next, you’ll want to just click on the ‘My EGO’ tab. This will bring up a page that allows you to enter special codes for your Ark Hunter training. Right now there are a total of 120 of them. Entering them all right away will give you a few decent weapons, more inventory space, and a few other in-game bonuses that will help you get started. Be sure to check out our Defiance Arkfall codes page to get the full list of 120 to enter.

It takes a little while to complete, but the bonus items you get from it are invaluable when you’re just starting out in the game. So, if you can push through it, do it.

Choosing an EGO Power

Defiance EGO Powers

One of the first things you do during the game’s beginning tutorials is select which EGO power you want to use. This is actually a pretty important step. The core powers you’re given as options are Cloak, Overcharge, Blur, and Decoy. The game gives you a chance to check them out and see how they work during the tutorial. You’ll want to choose one that fits with your person playing style.

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The most commonly selected EGO powers are Cloak and Overcharge. Cloak allows you to go completely invisible for a short period of time. This is very useful in both PvE and PvP play. In both it can be used to make a quick getaway when your shields are down, or you can use it to sneak your way to the backside of enemies (or completely away from them) to attack. Overcharge makes your attacks more powerful for a few seconds which can be handy when you need to quickly kill off an AI enemy or another player.

We recommend selecting either Cloak or Overcharge in the beginning.

Leveling Information

Leveling in Defiance works on 2 primary levels: EGO rating and weapon leveling. Your EGO rating is sort of an indication of your overall dedication in the game. Leveling your weapons, on the other hand, simply provides your player with stat boosts that help to improve your overall damage output, accuracy, critical hit damage, etc.

Raising your EGO rating takes time but is fairly simple. You can do so by completing the main story-line missions, finishing Pursuits (sets of goals you can complete), leveling your weapons, upgrading your EGO powers & perks, and so on. The fastest and easiest way to gain EGO is to finish Pursuits. These usually have multiple goals but are the most rewarding in terms of EGO rating boosts.

Earning Scrip and Ark Salvage

Scrip and Ark Salvage are 2 of the most important forms of currency that you use in the beginning of the game. You can make Scrip by doing nearly anything: killing enemies in the world, story missions, side missions, challenges, Arkfalls, etc., so it’s pretty easy to rack up Scrip.

Ark Salvage, on the other hand, isn’t quite as simple. You can earn a little bit from killing enemies but not a ton. You’ll earn some when you complete Arkfalls, too, but still not much. The best way to build up your Ark Salvage is by breaking down weapons into resources. This is done via the Ark Matrix.

You can access the Ark Matrix by going to the menu in-game, then moving over to the next tab on the right.

Defiance Salvage Matrix

Salvage Matrix

What you’ll want to do is take any crap gear you get (whites, greens, blues) and use the option to break them down into resources. This will destroy the gear but give you some Ark Salvage in return. This is a pretty important currency because it is needed to add mods to your weapons and to purchase keycodes from vendors to buy lock boxes.

General Gameplay Tips

In the beginning stages of the game you will almost exclusively fight against mutants. These are fairly easy to kill enemies. But the best way to kill mutants is by aiming directly for the head. This way your critical damage multiplier kicks in and it takes far less shots to kill them.

The same can be said for all human-like enemies such as mutants, 99ers, Raiders, and actual players. Other enemies, such as Hell Bugs or Scrappers have weak spots, but in different areas. On Hell Bugs the weak spots are the bright orange areas on the body and/or mouth (depending on what type of bug you’re facing). On Scrappers you wan’t to aim for their bright, glowing power cores.

Every enemy has its weakness. Once you figure out what it is, exploit it to get tons of fast kills.

We’ll add more to this soon!

Wanna learn how to get your EGO rating up extremely fast? Wanna know the best methods of earning all of the game’s currencies (Scrip, Ark Salvage, Reputation)? Then you’ll definitely want to check out the Defiance Guru Game Guide – a super detailed, info-packed strategy guide that will help propel you to the top in Defiance in no time!

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