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Defiance Game from SyFy Release Date Approaching

One of most interesting video game concepts is about to come to life. On April 2nd gamers across the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 platforms will be introduced to a unique shooter title that is sure to cause a stir. Defiance, a massively-multiplayer, open world, third-person shooter that has its own corresponding TV show is a breath of fresh air.

The game goes live on April 2nd and the TV show will premiere not long after on the Syfy network come April 15th. Gamers can register for a chance to test the game’s beta now or preorder it to secure a spot right away. This is by far one of the most interesting concepts for a game that has come out in a while. Bringing an MMO shooter to consoles is innovative enough, but tying it into a television series? It’s a full blown plan for either immense success or a huge flop.

Details of the Game

Defiance drops you on Earth.. well, a large portion of San Francisco to be more specific, in the distant future. You play a character that has the job title of an Ark Hunter, a fearless, combat-trained mercenary that scavenges the planet for lost alien relics to trade in for cash. You’ll be tasked with killing off other human and/or alien enemies including cyborgs, mutants and other monstrosities to obtain these valuable alien gadgets and resources.

Defiance Ark Hunters

Ark Hunters aren’t equipped with just their street smarts and slick moves, though. You’ll be armed with EGO nano-suits and a plethora of human and alien weaponry to help you along the way. The nano-suit gives you several nifty abilities, too, including the Cloak power which makes your player nearly 100% invisible to opponents.

Through your association with Von Bach Industries (VBI), a giant in the advanced tech industry, you’ll be supplied with a large variety of high-powered weapons. These include the Kloc Series, Mass-GL ‘Ground Pounder’ Series, and the XS50 Grinder Series, all of which are pictured below.

Defiance Ark Hunter Weapons

As a hired gun you’ll gain access to plenty of awesome tech including a large selection of guns, different armor types, and even special abilities that will aid you in battle or in stealth. Players will be able to customize their character to fit their personal playing style and aesthetic appearance options. Gamers will be able to play as either a human or alien in Defiance.

Defiance can be played solo through the main missions, with a single friend via the co-op battles, or with the rest of the world connected via the Internet in massive, competitive, multiplayer gameplay. The choice is yours.

Groups of players can join in and take on Arkfalls, dynamic events where pieces of alien technology that exploded out in space around Earth fall to the ground. These events require killing enemy aliens and fending off other Ark Hunters to recover the treasures and claim your rewards.

We’ll be doing a full, detailed review of this game once it releases as well as have tips and full strategy guides available for your reading pleasure. Be sure to sign up on our email subscriber list to be one of the first few players to get your hands on PRO tips and tricks for leveling, earning tons of currency, and much more, FAST!

Here’s the Defiance multiplayer trailer to tease your game obsession for now:

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