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Defiance: Bullet for a Badman Mission Guide

So, we haven’t really done a mission guide for any of the story quests in Defiance yet, but the one we just got through seems to be one that a lot of people get stuck on. And it is quite a bit tougher than most other missions. So, below we’ve outlined the steps to take to complete the Bullet for a Badman mission.

Defiance Bullet for a Badman Mission Guide

Beginning of the Mission

For this mission you’re sent out to Dogtown Mine to recover an ark-cell. The problem is that the person who has it is Jackleg Joe. The first couple of parts to the mission are very straight forward..

  1. Delve into the mine and kill off 99ers in the way.
  2. Go further into the mine, take some more 99ers, disable a turret, and discover that the Dark Matter group is there, too. Kill them and the 99ers to progress into the final area of the mine where Jackleg Joe is holed up.

Those two parts are very easy. It will take you less than 5 minutes to complete them. The tricky part of this quest is the battle leading up to Joe and, of course, fighting Joe himself.

Once you get to where Jackleg Joe is you’ll receive a cut-scene that really isn’t much other than Joe telling you that you can’t beat him, he inserts the ark-cell into his chest as if he’s Iron Man, a shield surrounds him, and then you’re back in-game.

Boss Battle: Phase 1

During the first phase of this boss battle you’ll just have to kill off some 99ers. Most are just standards but you’ll also have to fight off a few Elites, too. Once you’ve eliminated them all another cut-scene will play showing a Smelter popping up and coming after your player. At this time Rosa will blast the tank on its back which causes him to catch fire, run back underneath Joe, explode, and you’ll notice Jackleg’s shields go down.

Phase 2: How to Beat Jackleg Joe

During the second phase of the battle with Joe there are a few tricks that make it a bit easier:

  1. Stay behind the crate / box thing in the back left corner. Rosa will (for the most part) keep the 99ers in the back corners occupied. You may have to peek around the box to pick them off a bit but not much.
  2. Wait behind the crate for the Smelters to rush you. Once they are close enough quickly hit them with a melee attack. This causes them to fall flat on their faces, leaving the flame tanks exposed. Quickly pop off a shot onto the tank to make the Smelter catch on fire (do NOT continue shoot to kill it). After a second or 2 it will run to the back under Joe and take out his shields again.
  3. As soon as you see Jackleg Joe’s shields go down, start hitting him with bullets (while still staying behind the crate, just peeking out the sides or over it). His health will go down a little bit then the shields will come back on.
  4. Repeat the process as more Smelters come your way.
  5. Once Joe gets down to 50% health he will jump down onto the bottom level where you are.
  6. Run circles around Joe while hitting him with everything you’ve got (bullets, rockets, grenades, whatever you’re using to deal damage). Running in circles usually keeps his grenade launcher shots from hitting you but if you see one coming that’s gonna be close, use the dodge maneuver and keep going, circling him, firing onto him until he is done for.

After all that is said and done Joe will fall to the ground and a new cut-scene will take place involving you and Rosa. End of mission. For completing it you’ll earn 2000 XP, some Scrip, and a new weapon.

What Gear We Used

For this particular mission we used a VBI SMG (level 136 green gear) as our primary weapon to take out 99ers and pop shots into Smetlers’ tanks. For a secondary we used a FRC Heavy Assault Carbine (level 237 blue gear) to pop shots into Joe whenever his shields were down. Our shield was the Tachyon Regenerator II D.

Grenade – Fragcharge MK-22x

EGO Power – Cloak (useful for getting away from enemies when your shields are low)

Perks – Assassin’s Cache, Just Reward, Scavenger

You do NOT have to use our EGO build to complete this mission. We just wanted to state what we used. Using the strategy listed above you should be able to beat the 99ers and Jackleg Joe fairly easily / quickly as long as you have OK gear equipped.

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