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Defiance Executive Producer Apologizes to and Rewards Early Players for Game Issues

Trion Worlds, the developer behind the new MMO-shooter, Defiance, is starting to set itself apart from other MMO developers. While others tell their players to basically “deal with it” when it comes to server lag and other in-game mess-ups, Trion gives a warm apology along with free gifts. As of today, gamers that have been playing the game in its early stages will receive the following things from of charge when they relaunch the Defiance game:

  • A new in-game title called DareDevil
  • A 1 week boost for all weapon skills
  • A 1 week boost for Scrip
  • A 1 week boost for Loot
  • A 1 week boost for earning XP

Defiance Free Items

The game’s executive producer, Nathan Richardson, has noted that Trion Worlds is apologetic toward players that have had bad experiences such as lag on the servers, wait times for receiving pre-order bonus items, and various other issues.

If anything, you can at least be grateful for a company that realizes its game is malfunctioning and is working to resolve the issues. And rewarding players with a heartfelt apology and free in-game items helps to ease the pain a bit. So far, Defiance has been really well received among gamers and industry reviews. A small portion of the gaming community states it lacks in content while a large portion seems to thoroughly enjoy the game.

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Source: [Defiance.com]

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