Clans are groups of gamers dedicated to providing a space for players to connect with others that play the same games as they do, foster new friendships, hone skills, and more. Thousands of these communities exist and they vary greatly in size.

What is a Clan?

A group of people that congregate together online to play games or participate in gaming competitions. Joining a clan is an excellent way to meet new people to game with, improve your skills if you’re a competitive player, get involved with gaming journalism, and more.Gaming Clans

This page focuses on clans based in home gaming consoles. Further down, we discuss the aspects of clans that are active in games such as:

  • Destiny (as well as Destiny 2)
  • Black Ops 3
  • Overwatch
  • Halo 4
  • Halo 5
  • Infinite Warfare
  • Warframe

This isn’t an exhaustive list. Clans are on nearly every major multiplayer game available.

What Platforms are Clans On?

Clans are primarily active on console platforms such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. PC players tend to refer to their gaming communities as guilds rather than clans.

Console-based clans started becoming more prevalent with the introduction of Halo 2 on Microsoft’s Xbox. It was one of the most successful console games of the time and helped make the Xbox Live online gaming network what it is today.

Clans saw a huge uptick in exposure and player involvement with Halo 2, along with other popular franchises that were really starting to grow during this time.

At the same time, clans were growing at a reasonably high rate on the PlayStation 2 as well. Franchises like Call of Duty helped gaming communities reach tons of new players on PSN.

Benefits of Joining a Clan

Clans present gamers with several different benefits.

  • Ability to Make New Friends
  • Easy Grouping for Game Sessions
  • Excellent for Raiding or Competitive Games
  • Access to Sponsorships
  • Community Forums and Chat Channels

Most Popular Games for Clans

While there are clans active on games with smaller user bases, the vast majority of these online gaming communities tend to stick to AAA titles with massive numbers of active players.


Despite its flaws, Destiny has become one of Bungie’s greatest successes. Thousands of clans are active in Destiny and help players by giving them raiding partners, friends to grind with, opportunities to dominate in PvP matches, and much more.

Looking for a community to join? Go here – Destiny Clans.


Call of DutyCall of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the most successful gaming franchises of all-time so it’s no surprise that gaming clans are highly active in titles such as Black Ops 2, Black Ops 3, Advanced Warfare, MW3, and, yes, even Infinite Warfare.

Want more info? Check out our Call of Duty Clans page.




Halo is one of the greatest exclusives Xbox has to offer. The futuristic, alien-filled FPS has an enormous, highly dedicated fan base. Some of the largest Xbox Live clans around have Halo to thank for their original success. The majority of modern Halo clans are now primarily active in Halo 4 and Halo 5.


Overwatch is the team-centered FPS from world-renowned developer, Blizzard. Despite its imperfections and critics, the game essentially became an overnight success. The game is loved by millions. Tons of Overwatch clans are dedicated to the competitive aspects of the shooter or just casual play.



Battlefield is another insanely popular first-person shooter. It is considered a direct competitor to the Call of Duty franchise. Unlike CoD, however, Battlefield is designed to be a slower-paced, more team-oriented shooter. Clans that center themselves around this franchise are mostly active in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1. There are communities that also support Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Hardline, though.

What Clans are Out There?

Today, there thousands up thousands of clans currently active on nearly all home consoles. Most are now geared toward owners of the Xbox One and PS4 platforms, but some communities do still have active members that play games on the older generation consoles – the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – as well.

Nearly all clans are involved in the games listed above. Some do, however, actively recruit members for other titles such as SMITE, The Elder Scrolls Online, Warframe, and several more.

Some of the most popular clans on Xbox Live and PSN today include:KSI Global Logo

There are many, many more. These are just a few examples.

How Do You Start a Clan?

Thinking about getting a community of your own up and running? Starting a clan can be relatively simple, especially if you’re only planning to have a small group. If you want to create a large community, however, it can be somewhat challenging.

If your clan is only going to consist of you and some of your friends you really don’t need to do much aside from coming up with a clan name, using a clan tag in games (if your selected title has this feature), and maybe changing your Xbox Live gamertag or PSN name to acknowledge your clan membership.

For a larger community (usually a group of 30 or more gamers), there are other things to consider, such as:

  • Making a Clan Website
  • Getting a Professional Logo Design
  • Setting Up a Community Forum
  • Building Social Media Pages
  • Connecting with Potential Sponsors
  • Organizing Community Events
  • And a Lot More..

Below we provide a bit more detail for each of the steps mentioned above.

Clan Websites

Most major gaming clans have a website of their own. Some utilize pre-built platforms such as Enjin or iClanWebsites to do this, but the best option for ultimate customization and full control is to have a site professionally developed or, at the very least, use a customizable CMS (content management system) such as WordPress alongside forum software.

Clan Websites

WordPress is an excellent CMS for clans as it is fully customizable, extremely easy to use, and, when used correctly, it looks fantastic.

For a community forum there are plenty of great options. The best, by far, is Invision PowerBoard (IPB). This is a powerful forum software that can either be rented monthly on cloud-based servers or you can purchase a license and host it yourself. It is, however, fairly expensive.

Alternative options for a forum setup include:

  • phpBB (free)
  • xenForo (paid)
  • vBulletin (paid)
  • GamerLaunch (free and paid options)

All of these are viable options. If you’re not used to managing forums, simply go check out a YouTube video tutorial for the software you select to learn how to properly install, set up, and manage your clan forum with ease.

Clan Logos

What good is a name without a face? Starting a clan destined for greatness requires an image. That means getting a real logo to represent your community.

If you yourself, a close friend, or another clan member are good enough at graphic design you can easily create your own clan logo utilizing software like PhotoShop. If you lack these skills, however, you’ll have to invest a bit of money into getting a professional to do the job.

Clan Logos

If you’re strapped for cash you can look to service providing websites such as Fiverr for help. Here you can typically get a semi-decent logo for roughly $25 to $60.

If funds aren’t an issue, though, it’s recommended that you hire a real graphic artist to draft up a high-quality design for your clan’s logo.

Social Media Presence

These days just having a website isn’t good enough. In the age of apps and mobile domination, it’s extremely important that clans (or any brand) also have a strong presence on the most popular social media platforms.

This means that once you’ve come up with a name, gotten a logo, and have a website up and running – you should focus on developing properties such as a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, and a YouTube channel.

There are other social platforms that you can utilize, but the aforementioned sites should definitely be your focus as they are where gamers (your target audience) tend to congregate most.

Getting Sponsors

What major clan or professional player do you know of that DOES NOT affiliate themselves with a corporate sponsor? Chances are you’ll find it far more difficult to think of one that doesn’t than one that does.

Getting a sponsor is a big goal for most clans and players. Having even just one legitimizes your community and it can actually help bring in a lot of new recruits, too. People are far more likely to join a clan that has sponsors than one without any.

Gaming Sponsors

Landing a sponorship deal isn’t easy, though. In most cases you either have to have connections or have a decent following to score a deal.

Some of the biggest companies that offer sponsorships include:

  • Cinch Gaming
  • Loot Crate
  • GlomTom
  • Scuf

The requirements for each varies, but generally you need to have a following of 5,000+ before even begin considered. There are smaller gaming companies that sponsor individuals with fewer followers, though, you just to have to locate them.

Organizing Events

Finally, organizing community events is an extremely important aspect for clans. Events keep members interested and active, plus, in some cases, they can help you gain even more exposure.

Events can consist of something as simple as a community game night where members group up and go out to play their favorite multiplayer titles together.

Gaming Charities

If you want your events to have more substance, though, you should consider scheduling charity drives where you and your community work to raise money for one of many reputable gaming-related charities such as Child’s Play, Extra Life, or Stack-Up.

How Big is a Clan?

Clans vary greatly in size from as few as 5 gamers to massive communities of 10,000 players or more. Some clans prefer having a smaller, tight-knit group whereas others are all about recruiting as many members as possible.

Larger clans tend to survive for longer periods of time because they are often either awarded sponsorships from gaming companies or collect donations from members. Funds are typically appropriated to website development or hosting, prizes for community contests, and other community-related expenses.