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Call of Duty: Ghosts Confirmed and PreOrder Bonuses Revealed

Rumors and “leaks” have been spreading like wildfire over the past week about the new CoD game coming out this year. Finally, after several obvious hype pushes, Call of Duty: Ghosts was confirmed by Activision. The game is set to release on November 5th and is definitely building up a wave of anticipation.

CoD Ghosts - The Ghosts are Real

Yesterday, a teaser page was put up that now reveals an image of a ghost mask and the phrase “The Ghosts are real”. Today, an official Facebook fan page was put up for the game and a Tweet from the official Call of Duty Twitter account put away any doubts that it could be fake:

CoD Ghosts Tweet


As if that wasn’t enough, Gamestop officially outed their product listings for the game which include pages for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 consoles. That’s right, Ghosts is a current-gen game. Several sources have been saying that it is more than likely a next-gen title but that is officially incorrect.

Along with Gamestops listings are the official preorder bonuses which, as of right now, aren’t a lot. One is a double-sided Call of Duty: Ghosts poster and the other, which is only for PowerUp Rewards members, is a Ghosts-themed weapon camo which can only be used in Black Ops 2. Here’s a pic of the camo:

Ghosts Weapon Camo for Black Ops 2

Ghosts Weapon Camo for Black Ops 2

So, there you have it. The next Call of Duty game will be out on November 5th, 2013 and is called Call of Duty: Ghosts. It was made pretty obvious that this was the real deal over the past couple of days but now we have confirmation from the official sources.

There is NOT a trailer available for Ghosts yet but once it releases we will keep you informed! Very few details about the actual game have been released so far but we will keep everyone updated as more information is given. There are still rumors floating around about CoD: Ghosts being on a completely new engine with a new storyline. We will delve more into that once official details are announced.

Source: [EGMnow]

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