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Bungie Reveals Destiny, a Sci-Fi FPS with MMO Qualities

Bungie, the group behind the original games of the Halo series, has finally unveiled a little information regarding their new venture, Destiny. This game is a seemingly dark, science-fiction, first person shooter with an interesting story. Earth and humanity have been dealt a crushing blow, society as we know it is non-existent and the worst part is… we don’t even know how it happened. That’s the general premise of the game.

Bungie's Destiny

What is more interesting is the fact that Destiny will be an “always online” game. That alone leads us to believe it’s going to be an MMO but there are other details that point us in this direction, too. “Matchmaking”, as described by Bungie, will involve players joining already in-session gameplay with loads of other gamers. Destiny even has officially announced classes and raids.

Players will have the ability to go off on their own to explore and do as they please (similar to games like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim). Kotaku wrote this regarding the open-world aspects of the game:

It’s also a sandbox world. You’re free to move around and explore different planets or hang out in hub cities like Overwatch where you can find people gambling for better gear. There’s a sandy Mars location and a snowy landscape of a buried city. Chicago is a swampland. Europe is a deadzone. Vines wrap around dilapidated buildings. The solar system is flecked with rubble and long abandoned fleets. You can fly through the rings of Saturn. The entire universe of Destiny—the solar system including the Earth, Moon, and Mars—is open to your expedition needs.

So, essentially, this new game will be an MMO for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Don’t fear, though. Bungie has already publicly said that they do NOT plan on charging players an additional subscription fee to play Destiny. The game will require an Internet connection and force players to play socially (sorry solo guys/gals), too.

While we were expecting Bungie’s new title to be released on next generation consoles, that isn’t the case. This seems a bit odd as well. Releasing a new, big game on current gen seems a bit absurd. The game will likely release shortly before or after the new Microsoft and Sony consoles release which could set Destiny up for a failure in terms of sales. Hopefully that won’t happen. Maybe this game will have a earlier release date than we are thinking!

What do you think about Destiny? Do you think a MMO-style FPS can succeed on Xbox and Playstation? Is Bungie taking a leap of faith with this new game? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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