BO2 Revolution Map Pack: January 29th Release Date

It’s official… Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is set to receive its first map pack come January 29th, 2013. This set of new locations will first release to Xbox 360 players then to PC and Playstation 3 gamers toward the end of February. The DLC entitled, Revolution, will include 4 multiplayer maps, a new zombies map and a new weapon DLC – the Peacekeeper SMG.

Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack

The MP maps that come with this new content pack are:

  • Downhill
  • Grind
  • Hydro
  • Mirage

The new zombies game-mode map is called Die Rise. This map is set in China and expected to be a medium sized level. The inclusion of this map also brings a new gametype to the zombies side of BO2. This new gametype is called Turned and gives players the ability to play as zombies and chase 1 human opponent around until he is dead.

While this map pack appears to be coming a bit soon after launch, most CoD players will know that this is how Activision typically does things. A new map pack will likely appear every few months until the next CoD game launches in what is assumed to be November. The Revolution DLC will be available to all Season Pass purchasers and also as a standalone DLC for about 1200 Microsoft Points (around $15).

Below is the official trailer for the Black Ops 2 Revolution map pack:

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  • asdf

    jan 2012 huh?

    • Gamocial

      Thanks for pointing out that typo. Fixed.

  • how u mean pc must wait a mounts or it will be licke 1 day or?

    • Hi Karol, unfortunately, due to Microsoft’s exclusivity rules for CoD games, both PC and PS3 players have to wait 1 month after the Xbox DLC release to get the DLC.

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