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Black Ops 2 Zombies Guide for Beginner Players

Zombies has been a major part of what set the Black Ops games apart from the Modern Warfare series of Call of Duty. Hundreds of thousands of players will play the zombies game mode for hours on end into the wee hours of the night. But, let’s face it, not everyone is cut out for zombies gameplay. It is a very different setting than traditional multiplayer and requires knowledge of the map, methods of killing the undead and patience.

All that being said, we’ve decided to write up a mini Black Ops 2 zombies guide for players that are either new to BO2 or new to zombies in general. So let’s get straight into it..

Black Ops 2 Zombies

Zombies Game Modes


There are 3 different game types related to the Zombies aspect of BO2. These are Survival, Grief and Tranzit. Survival is the traditional mode found in both Black Ops 1 and Call of Duty World at War. You and up to 3 friends can select a map to play on and then work together to survive through wave after wave of undead. There is no “final level”, per se, instead you just keep playing until everyone on the team dies.

BEGINNER TIP #1 – Conserve your ammo as much as possible in the early rounds of the game. For the first 3 rounds you can use nothing but your knife to kill zombies as they will only take 1 – 3 slices to kill. Between levels 3 and 5 you can get a couple knife swipes in and then finish them off with your pistol. This will allow you to rack up points which you can use to purchase better guns or to rebuild barriers for later, harder waves of zombies.

As you progress through levels the number of zombies on the map and the amount of health they have increases. During the first few rounds they are relatively easy to kill, taking only a few shots from a pistol. But, as you progress to higher and higher levels you will notice the undead require many more shots, even from more powerful weapons, to kill.

For a detailed guide to all BO2 zombies game modes and maps, including proven strategies to survive through countless waves, be sure to check out the Black Ops 2 Guru Guide – it’s PACKED with great tips and info for zombies and multiplayer.


Grief is a copy of the Survival game mode with a unique twist. Instead of there only being one team in the game there are two. And these teams face off to see who can survive longer. The team with the last living man on the map wins. It doesn’t matter how many rounds you make it through as long as you have one player out last every player on the other team.

Other than the fact that you have two separate teams on the map at the same time the same rules apply to this game mode as the ones found in Survival. Setup somewhere well with your team and develop a strategy for surviving as long as possible. Depending on what map you are playing on you will need to find a strategic position to hold down as a team effort. Or, if you’re experienced in Black Ops zombies gameplay, you can attempt to execute the zombie train strategy.

PRO TIP #1 – The zombie train was a highly effective method of taking out a large group of zombies quickly and easily. The strategy is to run around getting several zombies to start chasing you as you run a circular path around the map. The zombies will literally line up one after the other and chase you around. This allows you to stack up groups of undead and then, at an appropriate time, turn on them and shoot their heads off until the entire pack is dead.


Tranzit is the most unique of the game types made available in the Black Ops 2 zombies mode. It resembles the Survival mode in the fact that you must survive countless waves of undead but there’s more to it than that. Tranzit is basically a campaign mode for zombies. With each part you’ll need to finish an objective while also surviving hordes of incoming zombies to progress.

During play you can also build items to help you hold off zombies as you complete your objectives. These include simple things such as ladders and blockades to full blown weapons such as the jet gun seen in the zombies trailer for BO2. In order to construct these items you must collect the necessary items and put them together at a build station. We will write up a guide to this in the near future!

General Zombie Mode Tips

All players can be downed by just a few quick hits from zombies or other undead enemies. This is why it’s best to keep distance between you and zombies. If any player is downed he or she must be revived within 30 seconds or they will die completely. Once a player is completely dead they will be out of the game until a new round is started.

The aim of the game is to earn as many points as possible before everyone dies and the game is over. Points are earned for shots that hit enemies and getting kills. Each hit gives 10 points, kills with the starting weapons will earn you 60 points, kills from headshots will give you 100 points and kills using a special weapon such as a combat, ballistic of bowie knife will give you 130 points.

BO2 Zombies Maps

Currently there are a total of 4 different maps that you can play zombies on. These are the Farm, Bus Depot, Town and, of course the newly added Nuketown. The primary 3 are actually all a part of a single map named Green Run. The Bus Depot is one of the most difficult as it is a very small map and provides very little in terms of perks and upgrades for players. The Town provides much more and is larger but is also covered in fire and lava which harms players and zombies alike. The Farm has 3 small buildings, is cramped, provides little extras to use and also has large patches of lava covered areas.

For a detailed guide to all BO2 zombies game modes and maps, including proven strategies to survive through countless waves, be sure to check out the Black Ops 2 Guru Guide – it’s PACKED with great tips and info for zombies and multiplayer.

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