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Black Ops 2 Skorpion EVO Fast-Paced Class Setup

Most aggressive players like to go for two things in games: speed and power. And that’s exactly what today’s class setup provides for Black Ops 2 players that really like to get into the heat of battle. This loadout focuses on the Skorpion EVO, a powerful SMG that takes a bit of patience to tame. Let’s dive right in…

Here’s the full setup:

Primary Weapon

The Skorpion is a unique weapon. It has one of the highest rates of fire out of all other SMGs in the game. It’s pretty strong but will take a bit of time to get used to learning to control the recoil on this gun. The Skorpion has quite a bit of recoil but, if done correctly, can be managed. The trick is to start your aiming at the midsection of your opponents because this gun moves upward as it’s fired.

Try using this class on small maps or maps where you know you’ll be running into enemies in close range such as down narrow stretches and rooms. It’s really not meant for medium to long range battles. The recoil makes it really hard to get kills at a distance. It is possible to burst shot with it, but it’s still best for up close encounters.

Recommended Attachments: Fore Grip, Long Barrel

Because of the high recoil on this gun, we recommend using Fore Grip. This gives you a better handle on the gun which increases your overall accuracy with it. The Long Barrel attachment also improves your accuracy and gives you a better chance at taking down enemies that aren’t right in your face.

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Secondary Weapon

Black Ops 2 B23R


The B23R is by far one of my favorite pistols in the game. It’s very quick and easy to switch to from your primary and it usually only takes 2 to 3 shots to take an enemy out. It’s perfect when you run out of ammunition for the Skorpion and need to finish off an enemy or you know another enemy is around the corner and you don’t have the time to reload.


Tier 1 – Lightweight. This class setup is meant to be for the run ‘n gun player. To get in and out of the heat of battle quickly Lightweight gives you a little extra speed.

Tier 2 – Scavenger. We don’t normally recommend using this perk but this weapon burns through bullets so quickly, it’s an absolute necessity. The Skorpion has a really high fire rate so being able to pick up ammo packs is really handy.

Tier 3 – Tactical Mask. This is where you can deviate a little from our recommendations. We do suggest using Tact Mask to avoid being affected too much by things like flashbangs and concussions but if you don’t care much about that, both Dexterity and Extreme Conditioning compliment this loadout well, too.

Equipment Picks

Lethal – Semtex. The mother of all grenades. This bad boy is great to have on hand because it explodes almost as soon as it hits the ground. It’s fast and easy to get kills with.

Tactical – Black Hat x2. Black Hats are great for adding extra points to yourself for building up scorestreaks. Plus it’s always helpful to be able to take out annoying enemy aircraft like counter-UAVs and helicopters.


Tier 1 – UAV

Tier 2 – Hellstorm Missile

Tier 3 – Lightning Strike

The whole point of this class is to rack up kills. The UAV gives you eyes on your opponents making them easier targets to find. The Hellstorm Missile is great when you know a group of enemies are fairly close together and you can drop this cluster bomb on them. The Lightning Strike is pretty powerful, too, and when placed in strategic locations, can really wipe out enemies fast on the map.

Wanna know how to rack up kills and scorestreaks FAST like pro players do? Be sure to check out the BO2 Guru Game Guide – a detailed, easy-to-follow strategy guide for Black Ops 2.

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