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Black Ops 2 Scorestreaks Breakdown

Nearly every CoD game has had a set of awesome killstreaks to be earned during gameplay. Black Ops 2, however, has changed things up a bit. Instead of earning killstreaks, players build up their in-game score via assists, kills, destroying enemy aircraft, and other things to earn scorestreaks. In all, there are 22 different scorestreaks that can be earned. Below we’ve broken down each one.

Black Ops 2 Scorestreaks


The good ol’ RC car is back! It was in the original Black Ops game and, because it only takes 450 points to get, can be somewhat useful. While in most cases players are only able to get a single kill with this quick car strapped with C4 it is possible to round up a double, or even triple, kill with it. Try to sneak your way into a small pack of enemies that are traveling together and then hit the detonator to earn some easy points.


The UAV is an essential component in Call of Duty. It might not rain missiles down from the sky and rack up kills but it definitely helps to unveil enemy locations so you can sweep in and swiftly take out your foes. This is the easiest scorestreak to obtain costing a scant 350 points. Players also earn UAV assist points when teammates earn kills while the UAV is up.

Hunter Killer

The Hunter Killer is rather unique and comical. Essentially, it’s a small, remote-controlled-esque airplane that floats around in the sky until it targets an enemy and dives down to explode upon them. Sometimes these drones will also target enemy aircraft such as UAVs and counter-UAVs and destroy them. If an enemy player is in close proximity to one of his teammates when the Hunter Killer dives in on him/her you can earn an easy double kill, too. This scorestreak costs 525 points to get.

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Care Package

The Care Package can be the best or worst scorestreak you can get. It just depends what you get out of it. It drops a random scorestreak. Note that the chances of getting higher tier rewards such as the Canine Unit or Swarm are very, very slim. This one will set you back 550 points to call in.


While in the air the counter-UAV completely scrambles enemy radar. This is especially useful to use if the opposing team calls in something like an Orbital VSAT which gives away both the location and direction you and your teammates are moving in. A well-timed counter can be a game changer. The counter-UAV requires 600 points to call in.


This is perhaps one of the most innovative and unique scorestreaks in the game. The Guardian is a standalone device that emits a microwave field that both stuns and inflicts damage to enemy players. The range on this thing is quite impressive, too. It is, however, possible to see the entire area that the Guardian covers making it somewhat simple to avoid. It can also be easily destroyed by weapons like the RPG and even grenades. It can, however, be very useful to hold down objectives and/or rooms. The Guardian requires 650 points to use.

Hellstorm Missile

This scorestreak is similar to the Predator Missile found in Modern Warfare 3 except the Hellstorm spreads out into multiple missiles, making it easier to kill multiple enemies at once. It also has a boost which allows the player to speed up the descent of the missile to capture enemies before they are able to take cover from the blast. The Hellstorm Missile costs 700 points to use.

Lightning Strike

The Lightning Strike is sort of similar to the Mortar Team killstreak players could call in on the original CoD Black Ops. In this scorestreak 3 jets fly over and drop bombs on 3 different spots chosen by the player. When choosing the locations the player will be given a quick UAV sweep revealing where enemies are. This makes it easier to get kills with than the Mortar Team. The Lightning Strike costs 750 points to call in.

Death Machine

This is pretty much the same as the killstreak from BO1. The player receives a mini-gun with 200 rounds. This gun fires at 1,200 rounds per minute and deals high damage. Unlike the Death Machine from Black Ops 1, this one will not go away if you die while using it. Players get to use this mini-gun until all of its ammo is depleted. It costs 850 points to use the Death Machine scorestreak.

Sentry Gun

Another BO1 killstreak that has made its way back in BO2. This is a turret that can be setup on most flat locations that auto-targets enemies as they go by and fires upon them. In Black Ops 2, however, the player can also directly control the turret themselves rather than just leave it on auto-pilot. The Sentry Gun requires 800 points to use in-game.

War Machine

The War Machine is a semi-automatic, grenade launcher. When received in multiplayer this weapon has 12 rounds and is equipped with ACOG-like sights. Each one of the shells acts like a “noob tube” which is capable of a 1-hit kill if the grenade hits directly at the feet of an enemy player or manages a direct impact.  It is also capable of destroying enemy equipment such as Guardians and AGRs. The War Machine costs 900 points to use.


The Dragonfire is a small, R/C quad-rotor aircraft with a small machine gun attached to it. When the player controls it, it can go fairly high in the air or glide just above ground. While it is fairly easy to navigate with and earn a ton of kills with, it is also pretty simple for an enemy to destroy. Any lock-on rocket launcher can take it out in a snap. A few well-placed sniper shots can also destroy it easily. Even fire from standard assault rifles and SMGs can take it out. The Dragonfire costs 925 points to call in.


The AGR is an automatic (or player controlled) ground unit. It’s basically a small robot with both a machine gun and rockets attached to it. It also has a decent amount of armor on it making it slightly difficult for enemies to destroy. It can be left alone to get kills on its own or controlled by the player. These units are especially useful in objective based games like Domination, Hard Point and CTF. A player call roll the AGR into defended areas, wipe out the team and have teammates run in to control the objective. The AGR requires 1000 points to call in.

Stealth Chopper

This scorestreak is similar to BO1’s Attack Helicopter with the exception that the Stealth Chopper does not appear on enemy radar. It flys around in the air and fires down upon enemies. It can be difficult for enemies to find making it less likely to be shot down while active. This helicopter is sometimes very ineffective, though, getting only hit-markers rather than kills. The Stealth Chopper costs 1100 points to call in.

Orbital VSAT

The Orbital VSAT is exactly like the Blackbird killstreak found in Call of Duty: Black Ops. When called in it reveals the locations and directions that enemy players are moving in. It lasts for an entire 45 seconds unless disrupted. The VSAT can be disrupted from enemy use of scorestreaks such as the counter-UAV or EMP Systems. Both render the VSAT useless. While the VSAT is up the player that called it in can earn assist points for every kill teammates receive while its active. The Orbital VSAT costs 1200 points to call in.

Escort Drone

The Escort Drone is pretty similar to the AH-6 Overwatch killstreak that could be called in by players in CoD MW3. It is an unmanned, small helicopter that hovers above the player and fires upon nearby enemies using 2 small machine guns attached to it. It can be destroyed by the use of rocket launchers but is often difficult to spot to obtain a lock-on. This can earn the player both kills and assists. The Escort Drone requires 1250 points to use.


The Warthog is a large aircraft, an A-10 Thunderbolt to be exact, that sweeps across the map 3 or 4 times firing both machine gun rounds and explosive rounds upon enemies. This works exceptionally well for earning multiple kills quickly when enemies are outside of buildings in the open. NOTE: It is highly recommended that you do NOT use this scorestreak while playing Hardcore-based gametypes. The Warthog will rain fire upon teammates and kill them over and over as well. It is possible for enemies to take down the Warthog but it is highly unlikely because it is next to impossible to lock-on to. It can, however, also be destroyed using 3 of the Black Hat PDA units. The Warthog costs 1400 points to use.

EMP Systems

The EMP Systems scorestreak operates in basically the exact same manner the EMP did in Modern Warfare 3. When active, most equipment will be disabled, all scorestreaks will be shutdown, the HUD will be gone and the screen will be fuzzy (all for the enemy team, of course). These effects last for 40 seconds. During the time the EMP is active the player that called it in will receive 10 assist points for every kill teammates obtain. The EMP Systems requires 1300 points to use.


The Lodestar is very similar to the Reaper killstreak found in MW3. It is, however, better in some ways. The Black Ops 2 Lodestar fires fast missiles with a large blast radius and a very easy targeting system. This aircraft has unlimited ammo but can be shot down through the use of 2 or 3 lock-on rocket launcher shots. It can also be destroyed using a few Black Hat PDA units. It is very easy to rack up a ton of kills with the Lodestar, though, making it one of the most powerful scorestreaks in the game. The Lodestar costs 1500 points to call in.

VTOL Warship

The Warship is another powerful scorestreak in BO2. It is a player controlled aircraft that is capable of firing both machine gun and explosive rounds. It is also possible to command the VTOL to move to different areas around maps for better positioning to fire on enemies. The Warship will last for 55 seconds or until shot down. It requires 1600 points to call in.

Canine Unit

In the first Black Ops game this killstreak was referred to as Attack Dogs but, other than a name change, it hasn’t changed much. These German Shepherd pups will run around the map and hunt down enemies. They kill by biting the enemy. The dogs are easily killed with gunfire but come at enemy players fast and from multiple directions making them difficult to wipe out. We’re not sure if this is a glitch or intended but the dogs of the Canine Unit will not attack an enemy player that is in water. The Canine Unit requires 1700 points to call in and is a deadly scorestreak.


The Swarm is the most highly sought-after scorestreak in the game. When called in, an entire pack of Hunter Killer drones circle the air above the map and randomly dive down to crash and explode on enemy players. They will also attack UAVs, counter-UAVs and other streaks called in by enemies. This scorestreak can very quickly and easily earn a player a ton of kills. It costs 1900 points to call in the Swarm.

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