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Black Ops 2 Quickscoping Tips & Best Class Setup

In nearly every Call of Duty game to date, one of the most popular skills that people want to know how to improve upon is quickscoping with the sniper rifles. For those of you who don’t already know, quickscoping is the art of a fast, barely aimed shot with a sniper that instantly kills the opponent. Some frown upon it and claim it’s a glitch but, in all reality, it’s a part of the game that is here to stay. Below we outline some of the best tips to help you get better at quickscoping in Black Ops 2 and we also provide a few class setups for doing it, too.

BO2 Quickscoping

Tips for Quickscoping in BO2

1. Practice in Custom Games

One of the best ways to hone your skills with a sniper is to practice in custom games setup with enemy bots. Set the game up on a medium-sized map such as Carrier, add in 5-9 enemy bots and start popping them to get used to the fast paced action of quickscoping. Take your time to really understand how you need to aim your shots and to get the timing down.

2. Test Different Snipers & Attachments

While most BO2 players will tell you that only the Ballista and DSR-50 are designed for quickscoping, you may find that you perform better with one of the other sniper rifles. Play around with attachments as well. The most commonly used are the Ballistics CPU (to reduce weapon sway) and Extended Clip (to get a few extra shots in your magazine) but other options, such as adding a different scope, may prove useful to you. One attachment that actually adds to your accuracy for quickscoping is the Laser Sight. Definitely try it out.

3. Best Perks to Use

There are very few perks that make a difference for someone who is looking to snipe using the quick scope method but two that come to mind are Dexterity and Toughness. Dexterity allows you to aim down your sights faster after sprinting and also gives you the ability to climb walls and ladders faster. Toughness, on the other hand, reduces the amount of flinch you have while being shot while aiming your sniper. This makes it easier to pop off a quick scope when you are under fire.

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4. Go for Speed AND Precision

One of the best ways to avoid getting annoyed by the common occurrence of hit markers is to make sure your aim is on par. With both the Ballista and DSR you can get a one-shot kill by hitting enemies on the chest or above. So when you’re practicing in private matches or quickscoping in matchmaking, be sure to focus on hitting these areas. This will prevent you from having to take second shots to take down your opponents.

5. Hardscoping Isn’t All That Bad

If you know without a doubt that an enemy is too far away for you to get off a quickscope or if you just know it’s not going to happen, don’t be afraid to hardscope (unless you’re playing a custom, quickscoping only match, of course). It may not create an awesome killcam but it can mean the difference between you getting an extra kill or downing your K/D ratio.

Best Class Setup for Quickscoping

On top of the tips listed above you’re going to want to have a good class setup for this fast method of sniping. Personally we recommend using this setup:

  • Ballista or DSR-50 sniper rifle
  • Laser Sight / Ballistics CPU attachments
  • Perks: Hardline (slot 1), Toughness (slot 2), Dexterity (slot 3)
  • Secondary: B23R (just to have something quick to swap to)
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Shock Charge

That’s pretty much it. This class is one of the best for Black Ops 2 quickscoping that we’ve played with. Of course this is only a recommendation and the attachments / perks / lethal / tactical can all be substituted to something you’re more comfortable with.

Here is a great video from YouTube user Drift0r going into further detail as to why these things work:

If you want other class recommendations for playing other than sniping be sure to check out our BO2 best class setups post where we divulge the secrets of creating great classes for all weapon types.

Tips were provided by a couple members of the Gamocial.com staff.

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