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Black Ops 2 M8A1 Aggressive Style Class Setup

Many Black Ops 2 players tend to overlook some of the guns in the game simply because they aren’t fully automatic. That’s a big mistake. Why? Because weapons like the M8A1 are literal killing machines when converted to full-auto rifles using the Select Fire attachment. Not many guns can pull it off but the M8A1 becomes a beastly SMG when using this attachment. Today we’re going to cover an aggressive-style class setup using this weapon.

Here’s the complete loadout:

Primary Weapon

As we mentioned before, the M8A1 is often overlooked because it’s a semi-automatic assault rifle. Even in its most basic form, with a 4 round burst shot, it’s a powerful weapon. But with the right setup and a little practice, this gun is easily transformed into a fast, SMG-like gun capable of ending enemy lives with the flick of the trigger.

Recommended Attachments: Select Fire, Fast Mag

It’s rare that we ever recommend the Select Fire attachment for a gun in BO2. It was awesome on the FAL OSW before a patch came along and nerfed it, but aside from that, most guns didn’t benefit from it. But boy oh boy does the M8A1 become a fast-firing powerhouse with it equipped. There is very little recoil, it deals a decent amount of damage, and it’s very accurate. This makes for a deadly combination.

We also recommend using Fast Mag with this particular loadout. Why? For one, the M8A1 doesn’t have a huge clip size. So you can easily run out of ammo fairly quickly. For two, this is an aggressive setup and you’ll need to take down enemies fast with it, so having a faster reload speed is a must.

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Secondary Weapon

Because we want to be fast and furious when using this class setup we want to have a secondary weapon that fits that description, too. The KAP-40 is by far one of the quickest and most efficient pistols in the game. It acts like a mini-SMG and can be used to either clean up an unfinished kill or obtain single kills by itself. It is very hand to have when you don’t have time to perform a reload or if you are completely out of ammo on your primary.


Tier 1 – Lightweight. To get around faster and to really feed the adrenaline-fueled aggressiveness this game gives players,we highly recommend using Lightweight. It is key component in helping you get around to the backside of enemies or for making fast getaways when you get in trouble.

Tier 2 – Toughness. For those battles when your enemy sees you too and starts pelting you with bullets, you’ll definitely want to have this perk equipped. It helps level out your gun and keep your sights from moving up and down when you’re getting hit, making it slightly easier for you to aim at your opponent and hit them with every bullet in your clip.

Tier 3 – Tactical Mask. The last thing you want is to get stopped dead in your tracks by something as trivial as a concussion or flashbang. Tactical Mask does a wonderful job of eliminating a good 90% of the effects caused by these sorts of tactical grenades. Sometimes you’ll even fool an enemy and get an easy kill when they toss one out, see they get a hit with it, and rush out to kill you thinking you’re stunned.

Equipment Picks

Lethal – Semtex. This small, sticky grenade is perfect for a fast-paced class. With a flick of the wrist you can toss one of these bad boys out fast and the explosion is nearly instant. They are great for throwing around corners and into rooms where your opponents may be camping.

Tactical – EMP Grenades. These are easily one of the most useful tacticals available in BO2. You can toss these out into rooms or areas where you know enemies are present and destroy things like Tactical Insertions, bouncing Bettys, and C4. This will help you avoid getting killed by something as trivial as explosives or stuns.

That’s it for the M8A1 class setup. Be sure to try out and tell us how you liked it by leaving a comment below!

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