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Black Ops 2 In-Depth: Best Sniper Rifle

Oh, the sniper. An incredible piece of equipment capable of obliterating anyone with a single shot. Well, at least in real life, anyway. In Black Ops 2, and any other Call of Duty game, snipers are still powerful weapons. But in order to take down your opponents with grace and swiftness you need to know the details of each sniper in the game. Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at these weapons and reveal which is the best sniper in BO2. Let’s get to it…


Black Ops 2 Ballista

The Ballista is my absolute favorite sniper in the game. It’s fast, powerful, and easy to use. I originally started out using nothing but the DSR but then one day decided to switch to the Ballista and I instantly fell in love with it. It’s a bolt-action sniper rifle with moderate damage, a rate of fire of 51 RPM, and a magazine size of 7 rounds (10 if you equip extended clip to it).

You WILL get hit markers using the Ballista. But don’t let that fool you. Because of how accurate this weapon is and how fast the ADS time is you’ll be able to very quickly and effectively wipe out opponents. Even if you have to take a second shot (which honestly isn’t as often as some people say) you can do it fast. This weapon is a one-shot kill from the chest up. So take your time and get used to aiming direction for the man-boobs to get instant kills every time.

Best Attachments:

  • Extended Clip (very useful for when you find yourself facing multiple enemies or when you get hit markers)
  • Ballistics CPU (provides slightly improved accuracy by decreasing the amount of sway)
  • Silencer (the silencer doesn’t seem to affect the damage or range of this sniper at all but keeps you off radar)

Overall, the Ballista is my favorite sniper and what I would classify as being the best sniper rifle in Black Ops 2. It’s very fast and deals enough damage to take down enemy players easily. Just make sure you practice aiming for the chest and you’ll find yourself getting more and more one-shot kills with this weapon in no time.


Black Ops 2 DSR-50

The DSR-50 is my 2nd favorite sniper in the game. It’s a bolt action style weapon with some very impressive stats. The DSR has a low rate of fire at only 50 RPM and a small magazine size at just 5 rounds (7 if the extended clip attachment is equipped). But that doesn’t stop this weapon from being a deadly powerhouse of pain. It has the highest damage out of all the other snipers in Black Ops 2. Any shot from the waist up is a one-hit kill.

The DSR doesn’t have the best accuracy and it also has a slow ADS (aiming down sights) speed but it does pack a heavy punch. The recoil and sway really aren’t that bad. If you take the time to make sure you aim for the stomach and up you’ll take out enemies very easily and quickly. While it isn’t the most popular option, it’s still very possible to quickscope with this sniper, too.

Best Attachments:

  • Extended Clip (to increase the initial clip size from 5 to 7)
  • Ballistics CPU (to reduce the amount of sway making it easier to aim)
  • Fast Mag (to improve upon the slow reload speed of the DSR)

Overall, this is a highly recommended sniper. If you’re looking to setup in a dark area to pop off enemies from a distance this sniper is perfect. I don’t recommend using the DSR for close-quarters combat but from mid to long range, it’s awesome. Also, it’s my 2nd favorite sniper for quickscoping.

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Black Ops 2 XPR-50

The XPR-50 is an interesting sniper in BO2. It’s pretty well-rounded yet isn’t used by very many players in multiplayer matchmaking. It has a high fire rate at 375 RPM, deals a moderate amount of damage, and starts off with an 8 round magazine (11 if using the extended clip attachment). While the damage of this weapon is on par with the Ballista and it has a higher fire rate, it lacks in accuracy. It’s accuracy drops off due to the high amount of kick and sway.

I’m personally not a fan of the XPR. The scope is a bit awkward and it just doesn’t seem to aim well. I’ve also noticed it’s pretty rare to see anyone using this sniper in matchmaking. I see many more players using the SVU over this gun.

Best Attachments:

  • Ballistics CPU (normally don’t recommend it but the XPR definitely benefits from it)
  • Extended Clip (you will see hitmarkers with this sniper and it only has 8 shots in the clip, EC gives you 11)
  • Variable Zoom (the variable zoom scope is a little better to deal with the the standard XPR scope)

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend using this sniper in any situation. There are far better options.


Black Ops 2 SVU-AS

The SVU is one of my least favorite weapons in the game. Sure, it has a high fire rate and great accuracy but where those benefits lie, many flaws remain. This is what most CoD players label the “spray and pray” sniper. It has a rather large magazine that holds 12 rounds (16 if you use the extended clip attachment), a relatively low amount of kick, and a rate of fire of 416 rounds per minute. It also has the lowest damage of all the snipers in the game. In most cases it will take 2-4 shots to kill an enemy.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the SVU. Some players, however, favor it due to it’s fast fire rate. If you find yourself staring through a doorway or  down a hall and 2-3 or more enemies come rolling through, the SVU can quickly and effectively lay them out. But if you’re wanting to dispose of an enemy fast before they notice where you are, this isn’t the best rifle to have on hand.

Best Attachments:

  • Silencer (to remain unseen on radar when firing multiple shots)
  • Extended Clip (to pop off more kills before having to reload due to high chance of hit markers)
  • Dual Band Scope (to catch a peak at enemies camping in dark corners or notice players far distances away)

Overall, not a great sniper.

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