Black Ops 2 In-Depth: Best Light Machine Guns

Nothing makes you feel more badass than rolling around with what feels like a portable turret. Light machine guns are powerful, have tons of ammo, and typically deal serious amounts of damage. In Black Ops 2 these are great weapons for defending points in objective-based games like Hardpoint & Domination, but can also be powerful when playing kill-based gametypes like Team Deathmatch when used correctly. For today’s in-depth segment we’ll be looking at LMGs in detail.

MK 48

Black Ops 2 MK-48

Right, let’s start off with the MK 48. This is a gun that just destroys things it really is as simple as that. You can easily take down an enemy in as little as three shots from quite a distance. I know that it is one of the slower LMGs. But I think that the severe damage that it does more than makes up for that. Overall, I’d say the MK-48 is the best LMG in the game.

Mag Size – 100 (135 when using extended clip attachment)

Damage – High

Rate of Fire – 625 RPM

Recoil – Low

Best Attachments – Foregrip (to improve range and accuracy), Extended Clip (for extra long bursts of lead), Target Finder (works for some, others may disagree)

This is the perfect defensive / support weapon for objective gametypes. It’s also great for players that like to stick to one spot in deathmatch style games. The cons of using this gun are the running speed and ADS speed. Don’t expect to win a lot of close encounters with the MK48. But if you can keep a medium to long distance range from your enemies, you can absolutely destroy them.


Black Ops 2 LSAT

The LSAT is a pretty solid weapon. I actually had some good success with this bad boy. The reason for this is because it has a very good fire rate. And best of all its recoil isn’t too terrible. If you have a problem with aiming after a few shots because of the recoil, this weapon is a great selection. Many players like to throw a target finder on this gun but it works well without it, too.

Mag Size – 100 (135 when using extended clip attachment)

Damage – High

Rate of Fire – 750 RPM

Recoil – Low

Best Attachments – Foregrip, Extended Clip, Target Finder, Quickdraw Handle

The LSAT features a very high rate of fire at 750 RPM (1000 RPM if you choose to use the rapid fire attachment), deals decent damage, and has a low recoil. This makes it a very formidable weapon. A lot of players seem to choose this LMG over all others in BO2. I personally find the MK48 to be much more efficient but feel free to try this one as well. It’s my 2nd favorite.

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Black Ops 2 QBB LSW

The QBB is my least favorite of the LMGs. It has higher recoil than the rest and it doesn’t hold nearly as many rounds. It just doesn’t play like a light machine gun to me. I’d even venture to say that this is the worst gun in BO2 (personal opinion, of course).

Mag Size – 75 (100 with extended clip attachment)

Damage – High

Rate of Fire – 937.5 RPM

Recoil – Moderate

Best Attachments – Foregrip, Reflex Scope, Extended Clip

I hate the amount of recoil this gun has. The Call of Duty wiki lists it as moderate but I would venture to say that it’s pretty high for this weapon class. The other thing is that it just doesn’t have enough ammo. And it burns through rounds very quickly. The QBB is by far the most inaccurate and awful guns in the LMG class for BO2.


Black Ops 2 HAMR

The HAMR is a so-so gun. The MK48 and LSAT beat the living crap out of this weapon if you ask me. And very few players seem to use it in matchmaking. It’s a bit better than the QBB but still a very mediocre LMG.

Mag Size – 75 (100 when using extended clip)

Damage – High

Rate of Fire – 625 RPM (first 7 rounds are a bit faster due to burst)

Recoil – Moderate

Best Attachments – Foregrip, Target Finder, Extended Clip

The HAMR isn’t terrible but it isn’t great, either. Like the QBB it has a very small magazine which makes it more difficult to get strings of kills with before having to sit through that god-awful reload time. The recoil on it is slightly less than the QBB but still enough to make it worse than the other 2 LMGs.


Black Ops 2 M60

This is only in the single player mode, but it is just so much fun to use. It can be found in various parts of the campaign. But in the Defector section of the game you really get to open up with this and just gun down bad guys left and right. This is a weapon that when you use it you really do get a sense that you are using a very powerful gun.


Black Ops 2 RPD

This is a great gun. Not only does it look really cool. But it is also very useful as well. It is a great gun to use at medium range and it has a very generous magazine size. So this make sit a great weapon to use not at long distances, but also not quite at close range. So it is a great weapon if you like to get close, but not to close.

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    I dont care what u say (sorry…) but i like the lsw because it has a good fire rate, the lowest reload time of lmg’s (1.04 seconds over the hamr) and if u add a foregrip and/or a longer barrel, the accuracy and recoil problem is taken right out of the picture, so i would say it is a good gun, and the worst is the mp7: not enough power and accuracy, and the range is too little to do much ,add a silencer like it was made for, and it is just plain stupid. Sorry, old weapons just dont hold up in the future.

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