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Black Ops 2: How to Build the Jet Gun

Of all of the wonder weapons found in Black Ops 2, the Jet Gun (or, technically, the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23) is one that players seem to want to know about the most. Why? Probably because it was featured in the zombies trailers for the game. Plus, it’s a special weapon. Everyone wants to know how to get all the special weapons. Below are the instructions for building the Jet Gun in BO2 zombies on Tranzit.

BO2 How to Build the Jet Gun

NOTE: In order to construct this weapon you will have to take all of the parts listed below to the Bar located in the Town portion of the Tranzit zombies map. There you will find a work bench where you can assemble the parts.

1. Jet Engine

The Jet Engine is the core of this gun. This part can be found in the tunnel that travels between the Diner and Bus Depot. It’s basically in the middle of the 1st and 2nd stops that the bus takes.

2. Cables

The cables are another important component for this weapon. To get it you’ll need to get to the Power Plant and find the door that opens inside. The cables will be in this area.

3. Pressure Gauge

While travelling between the Town and the Power Plant through the fog you should see a small cabin. Go inside the cabin and you’ll find the pressure gauge. It’s usually located either somewhere near the bed or the fireplace inside the shack.

4. Handle

While you’re on the bus going to a new location keep your eyes peeled and look for a cornfield. Once you see it, get off the bus and run toward the path in the cornfield. If you go straight back through the path you should eventually come to a run-down building. This is the Nacht der Untoten house (which is also part of an Easter Egg along with the Jet Gun for the Tower of Babel). Head inside and you’ll find the handle either on the desk or the bookshelves.

That’s it for the parts. Assemble the weapon at the workbench and tada, you’ve got yourself an awesome wonder weapon. Pull it out using your directional pad and tap the trigger to blast zombies with jet engine thruster air. Note that this weapon will, after a short time, break and you’ll have to re-build it all over again.

And that’s all there is for the tutorial on how to build the Jet Gun in Black Ops 2.  We will be posting more guides on how to make the rest of the BO2 wonder weapons very soon.

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