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Black Ops 2: Fast XP Tips to Level Up Quick

Leveling up in Black Ops 2 is easier than most seem to think. The game provides players with tons of different ways to earn experience points and work their way up the different ranks. Right now there are 55 levels to go through per each prestige. This may sound like a lot but leveling in BO2 is actually pretty quick. Below we provide some great tips for picking up as much XP as you can as quickly as possible to help you level up fast.

Black Ops 2 Leveling Tips

1.  Completing Challenges

Challenges are mini-achievements that you can obtain as you play BO2. These will gain you some serious boosts in XP so they are very important to pay attention to. These challenges can vary from getting X amount of kills with a particular weapon, unlocking weapon attachments, killing enemies in specific ways and earning scorestreaks. These will all earn you great bonuses in XP on top of your match XP.

You can maximize your XP gains from weapon challenges by varying the weapons you use. Many people tend to stick to just 2 or 3 but that limits your ability to rack up the bonus experience. After you get 50-75 kills with a weapon, change up your class to use another weapon you haven’t touched or have little play time with. This way you’ll keep unlocking challenges and getting thousands in bonus XP nearly every game, especially if you’re a skilled player.

Challenges are available for primary weapons, secondary weapons and even trivial things such as the attachments you use, grenades and various other pieces of equipment. Of course, getting kills will net you bonus XP as well but there are so many other things you can do. Just go into your Barracks and check out the TONS of different challenges to get an idea.

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2. Weapon Prestiges

The great thing about weapon challenges is that once you get them all and your weapon is at “max level” you can simply prestige the weapon. This allows you to get all of those same challenges again. The drawback is that you will lose your weapon attachments, but that’s a small price to pay. This feature of the game is great for people who tend to stick to using just 1 or 2 guns. You’ll be able to earn massive amounts of XP from the challenges, prestige and then do it all over again.

To prestige a weapon you’ll need to use it enough to reach the “max level”. Once you get to this you’ll have an option to prestige it. Doing so will make you lose all of the unlocked attachments for that weapon but you’ll be able to start all over earning the many challenges for it yet again which is an invaluable tool for leveling up fast.

3. Play Objective-Based Gametypes

A ton of people tend to stick to the traditional get-kills-to-win gametype known as none other than Team Deathmatch. But if you’re looking to level up fast in Black Ops 2 you are going to want to branch out and play some games in objective based gametypes. Why? Because they will give you the most XP the fastest. How? Well, on top of getting experience from kills you also get tons of points for capturing objectives.

There are a few key points to this. Once you capture the actual objective you gain experience, work toward objective challenges you wouldn’t normally get in TDM and you will also be able to obtain your scorestreaks faster. Using scorestreaks also nets you tons of XP. Using them often will get you so much experience you won’t know what to do with yourself. You’ll unlock scorestreak challenges that have massive XP bonuses that come along with them and level up extremely fast.

4. Play on Nuketown 2025

If you don’t have this map, get it. It’s the smallest map in the game and every game you’ll play on it will go by in a flash because of how fast-paced the action is on it. The reason we added this is because you can literally play any gametype on this map and earn tons of experience simply because you can fly through games. TDM games take half the time they do on other maps, so do objective games. Basically, playing on Nuketown 2025 you’ll be able to squeeze about twice as many games into your playing time than you would playing ANY other map. If you don’t have it, get the Season Pass and play the crap out of this map. There’s a whole playlist just for it!

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