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Black Ops 2 Extra Classes & Weapon Skin Packs

When the news that “microtransactions” were going to be making their way into Black Ops 2, everyone on the ‘net flipped out. And some still are. They talk as if this is the apocalypse of gaming. Now, this could be true if Activision or Treyarch had inserted items like new, more powerful weapons in the mix, but they didn’t. All that was added to BO2 was the option to add more create a class slots and the ability to get some pretty nifty looking weapon skins.

Extra Classes Pack

Black Ops 2 100 Custom Classes

The extra classes pack gives you a massive set of create-a-class slots. And it’s only 160 Microsoft Points on Xbox and around $2 on other gaming platforms. When I first went to purchase it on the Gamocial account I was thinking it’d add another 10. I was correct, in a sense. It doesn’t just add 10 slots, though. It actually adds 9 more sets of 10, giving players a total of 100 create-a-class slots to make use of.

This is brilliant because you can setup each set for different game modes or playing styles. So if you wanted to have a particular set of loadouts specifically for Hardcore game modes, you’d use a tab to create those. Then create another set of classes for non-Hardcore gametypes. Or, if you wanted to go for all the camos in each weapon category, you could use one set for each weapon category: 1 for SMGS, 1 for Assault Rifles, 1 for Snipers, and so on.

New Weapon Skins

By now, most people have gotten the diamond camo for the majority of their favorite weapons, or at least gold. But seeing the same ol’ weapon camos that have been in nearly every CoD game to date can get boring. Well, not anymore. Along with the extra classes pack there are now a plethora of unique weapon skins that players can purchase to pimp out their guns with. These include:

  • Bacon Pack (skins weapons with a juicy serving of bacon camo)
  • Zombies Pack (skins weapons with a zombie-themed camo)
  • Graffiti Pack (a graffiti-style skin for your weapons)
  • Dia De Muertos Pack (a sweet-looking, festive skulls skin)
  • Benjamins Pack (deck out your gun in dolla’ dolla’ bills, ya’ll)
  • Jungle Warfare Pack (a skin made up of splashes of green and orange)
  • Kawaii Pack (a cute, anime-style weapon skin)
  • Party Rock Pack (a funky, stylish purple and zebra-skin styled weapon camo)
  • Viper Pack (a snakeskin finish for your weapons)

Each of the weapon skin packs cost 160 Microsoft Points each on Xbox Live and are expected to cost around $2 for PC/PS3 when released. Also, the weapon skin packs come with a set of 3 new reticles each.

Here are the skins:

Black Ops 2 Weapon Skins

NOTE: There are also packs where you can purchase a country’s flag for a weapon skin.

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