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Black Ops 2 Double XP Weekend Coming Tomorrow

As one would expect, with the upcoming release of the new DLC, Revolution, Treyarch has announced that Black Ops 2 will be getting yet another double XP weekend event. This comes as no surprise as this has happened with nearly every CoD game to date. The developer usually initiates these events to ramp up activity on the game right before the launch of new content.

BO2 Double XP Weekend

The double XP will be available for players to take advantage of starting on January 25th. Between then and the following Monday players will be able to rack up experience thanks to the bonus. If you’re looking to jump up a prestige or two this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Here’s what the official message sent out to players via the game’s dashboard said:

You want it, and we have got it and are giving it to you – BAM! Starting Friday, January 25th (10am/PST) and running through Monday, January 28th (10am/PST) jump online to earn Double XP.

Mark your calendars: the Revolution DLC Pack drops January 29th to the Xbox Marketplace and the in-game Store. Better yet, pick up your Season Pass right now and get all 4 of this year’s DLC Map Packs at a discount.

We will see you online!


Expect to see a huge increase of BO2 players on this coming weekend. Be sure to hop on, play some games, and collect all the experience points you can to rank up fast and earn those elusive prestige emblems quicker. The Revolution DLC comes out on January 28th which will add a few new maps, a new zombies map and even a new weapon.

If you want to learn the best kept secrets of amassing seriously huge amounts of XP to level up incredibly fast and tips from PRO players to help you master the game, be sure to check out the Black Ops 2 Guru Guide – designed for both new and seasoned players and loaded with great info to help you improve your BO2 game.

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