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Black Ops 2: Best Class Setups for Each Weapon Type

When you’re first getting started playing a FPS game such as Black Ops 2 it can be difficult and time consuming to figure out what the best weapons are. But to keep up with players who have already honed their skills and racked up hours of gameplay you’ve got to figure it out fast. Each weapon set in BO2 (snipers, SMGs, LMGs, shotguns, etc) have one or two guns that really stand out from the rest and with the aide of the right set of attachments and perks, you can literally dominate other players easily. That’s why we’ve outlined the best class setups for BO2 below, to help new players and mediocre players get an upper hand.

Black Ops 2 Best Class Setups

Assault Rifle Loadouts

There are tons of assault rifles to play around with in Black Ops 2. Sadly, they aren’t quite as powerful as they were in previous CoD titles. Due to the high power and high fire rate of SMGs in BO2, assault rifles are rarely used. But they do still come handy when playing on medium to large size maps. Here are the setups we’ve found to work best for this weapon set:

AN-94 Loadout

Primary: AN-94; the AN-94 is best compared to the AK47 from other Call of Duty titles. It deals high damage, has decent range and is moderately accurate. This makes it a very dangerous gun, especially at medium range. Skilled players will also find it useful in short range encounters as well as long range rifle battles. Unfortunately, this weapon doesn’t unlock until you reach level 55. If you plan on using this as a primary loadout we recommended spending a prestige token on it to permanently unlock the gun.

AN-94 Attachments: Fast Mag & Quickdraw. Fast Mag gives you the ability to reload a bit faster which comes handy when you encounter multiple enemies and need to load a clip quick to take down multiple targets quickly. Quickdraw also improves your speed and reflexes by allowing you to aim down your sights faster than normal.

Secondary: KAP-40; this pistol is fully-automatic and great at short range. In close quarters combat this pistol can easily finish off or pick up an extra kill even when shooting it via hip-fire. The fast flurry of bullets make for a quick kill when things get too close for comfort.

Lethal: Semtex. These are easy to toss and with strategic throws they can very easily earn a quick kill or, at the very least, take down an opponents shields making them very vulnerable to gun fire.

Tactical: Shock Charge or EMP Grenade. The Shock Charge works great for stunning enemies long enough to pick them off fast but it can be easily countered by players using the Tactical Mask perk. This is why we also placed EMP Grenade as an option for the tactical slot. EMP nades work wonders for temporarily disabling enemy equipment such as Sentry Guns.

Perks: Lightweight (slot 1), Scavenger (slot 2), Tactical Mask (slot 3). Lightweight will help you maneuver around maps faster making it easier to escape enemy fire or to flank opponents. Scavenger gives you the ability to pick up extra ammo for your guns and extra Semtex grenades making you deadly for longer periods of time. Tactical Mask will protect you from the effects of annoying enemy tactical grenades like Shock Charges and Concussions.

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FAL-OSW Loadout

Primary: FAL-OSW; the FAL is an incredibly strong, highly accurate, semi-auto rifle. This gun is one of our favorites because, when used correctly, you can easily get a kill from medium to long range with just 3 to 4 shots. The amount of damage this gun puts out makes it easy for a player with decent accuracy to get fast kills. The FAL-OSW is unlocked at level 22.

FAL-OSW Attachments: Target Finder, Quickdraw. The Target Finder will make it easier to spot enemies at long range while Quickdraw will give you the ability to have a chance to pop off opponents faster during short or medium range encounters.

Secondary: B23R; Because we want this to be a primarily mid-ranged loadout, we want a secondary that will fit that as well. The B23R is a powerful burst shot pistol that works well both at short and medium range combat.

Lethal: Grenade. If you’re going to be going after enemies that are a little ways away from you, you want to use a lethal grenade that, with a good throw, can get the distance needed to connect with your target.

Tactical: Tactical Insert. The tac insert is a pretty useful tool. With it you can make it possible to spawn back into a strategic position right after your death. This is especially useful if you’ve been picking off players from across the map and just got sniped or killed from a distance. Just make sure you tuck this piece of equipment in a spot that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic because they can be easy to spot and destroy.

Perks: Hardline (makes it easier to rack up score and earn your scorestreaks to unleash on the enemy team), Toughness (makes you a bit deadlier because you won’t flinch as much while you’re being shot making your shots more accurate) and Tactical Mask (makes your player immune to the effects of tact equipment like flash bangs and shock charges).

SMG (Sub-Machine Gun) Loadouts

MP7 Loadout

Primary: MP7; the MP7 is by far one of the strongest, fastest and most accurate SMGs in the game. It packs serious punch and is capable of racking up kills quickly. Throw on a couple of attachments and it becomes even more deadly. In the hands of a trained player, this loadout can be a serious scorestreak earner.

MP7 Attachments: Laser Sight – the laser sight is a very useful attachment for close quarters combat. It gives you a huge boost in accuracy when firing from the hip making it easy to get a kill even if you run into an enemy unexpectedly. Fast Mag – the MP7 is a beast but it does run down its clip pretty quickly. Fast Mag is a necessity to keep your runs going and the bullets flying.

Secondary: KAP-40; We’re going for speed and aggression with this particular class setup and the KAP-40 compliments it perfectly. It’s fast and efficient, exactly what we’re looking for.

Lethal: Semtex; these grenades make for easy kills with a quick, short toss. Stick them directly to opponents or on walls and objects near them to gain a fast kill.

Tactical: Flashbang; these are very useful. When thrown in close proximity to a single target or a group this grenade will temporarily blind the player making them very vulnerable and nearly incapable of aiming well enough to fire back.

Perks: Lightweight; allows you to move around quicker. Fast Hands; makes it possible to switch to your secondary weapon faster as well as use equipment such as lethal and tactical grenades faster. Tactical Mask; because so many people like to toss flashbangs and shock charges all over the map the Tact Mask is almost a necessity to keep from being caught off your guard.

Chicom CQB Loadout

Primary: Chicom CQB; the Chicom (or, as we like to call it, the Chico) is a gun we think should technically be considered an assault rifle because it is a 3 round burst weapon but it is grouped with the SMGs nonetheless. This gun fires off its burst shots very quickly and in short to medium range it is very accurate and very powerful.

Chicom Attachments: Fore Grip and Quickdraw. This gun has a bit of a snap to it when fired so using the Fore Grip attachment works really well to steady it out and make it more accurate. Quickdraw will allow you to snap up your sights quicker making a quick engagement an easier encounter.

Secondary: B23R; Because this is still technically an SMG class setup we wanted the secondary weapon to have some speed to it. This Beretta-style pistol is perfect for that. It’s a 3 round burst shot weapon that really packs at a punch at short distances. And it does well firing from the hip, too.

Lethal: Combat Axe; this one is more for skilled players. The Combat Axe, formerly known as the Tomahawk in the original Black Ops, takes a bit of patience and good aim to get a kill with. Unlike grenades, though, once you throw the Axe you can run over it to pick it back up again. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, use Semtex instead.

Tactical: Concussion; these grenades work really well to stop your enemies in their tracks and give you the chance to get a few strong shots in on them to either take them down or, at the least, drop their shields enough to kill them as soon as the Concussion wears off.

Perks: Lightweight, Toughness and Tactical Mask. You just need Lightweight in your 1st slot, it’s a must for a fast class. Toughness works well with the Chicom to improve your accuracy when you’re under heat. As you may have noticed, we are in love with the Tactical Mask perk. It’s just too helpful not to have on. Too many players toss out stuns and flashes to not use it.

LMG (Light Machine Gun) Loadout

LSAT Loadout

Primary: LSAT; Out of all of the LMGs (an astounding array of just 4 guns), we’ve found the LSAT to be the best. It doesn’t have the highest damage but it is an all-around moderately powerful weapon. It’s pretty versatile. Just keep in mind that LMGs aren’t meant to be ran around with. Unfortunately they are more designed for staying in a strategic position and holding it down (aka camping).

LSAT Attachments: Target Finder and Extended Clip. TF will help you spot enemies at longer distances and stay focused on them to take them down. Extended Clip will allow you to keep firing away for longer periods of time.

Secondary: Five-Seven; this pistol has the longest range and highest accuracy of all the pistols in BO2. This makes it a great choice for sharpshooting opponents from medium to long distances when you need to swap from your LMG.

Lethal: Grenade. Distance + power = dead enemies.

Tactical: Shock Charge; with an LMG you’re going to be staying in one general area for extended times. Throw a shock charge at each end of a hall or in the doorways around you and you’ll be setup to take down any assailants coming straight to you.

Perks: Hardline (to get your scorestreaks a bit faster), Toughness (take bullets like a man to reduce recoil) and Tactical Mask (just because its awesome).

Sniper Rifle Loadouts

Ballista Loadout

Primary: Ballista; the Ballista is a good sniper but we recommend it for players that snipe at mid range or do quickscoping. For long range it’s not the best simply because you’ll end up getting a lot of hit markers.

Attachments: Ballistics CPU (reduces the sway on your sniper making it easier and steadier to aim) and Extended Clip (gives you 50% extra ammo).

Secondary: B23R; because this is a sniper class setup we want a secondary that has some range and power as well. The B23R is the perfect pistol for the job with a great combo of damage and distance backing its 3 round bursts.

Lethal: Grenade

Tactical: Flashbang

Perks: Ghost (unlocked at level 50, use a prestige token to permanently unlock this perk if you plan to use it often), Cold Blooded (to get enemy targeting systems off your back) and, of course, Tactical Mask to evade stuns and blinds.

DSR 50 Loadout

Primary: DSR 50; the DSR is probably the best overall sniper in the game. It has great power, great range, the only real drawback is that it is slightly slower to pull up to look down the scope. But after you’ve played with it a few days you get used to it and the delay doesn’t seem as noticeable. At long range this sniper takes down enemies while rarely ever getting a hit marker.

Attachments: Ballistics CPU (one thing that is perfect for any sniper class) and Extended Clip (for more ammo).

Secondary: B23R; again, this is a great pistol for a sniper loadout.

Lethal: Semtex

Tactical: Flashbang

Perks: Ghost, Cold Blooded & Tactical Mask (reasons explained above)

Shotgun Loadout

R870 MCS Loadout

Primary: R870 MCS; this pump action shotgun packs the most damage and range of all the shotguns. After testing the entire lot of shottys we have determined the R870 is the most effective especially with the right attachments.

Attachments: Laser Sight (perfect for a shotgun as it increases the hip fire accuracy of the weapon), Fast Mag (for quick reloads while on the run).

Secondary: KAP-40; shotgun classes are meant for small maps and short range combat and the KAP-40 fully automatic pistol is the perfect compliment to that play style.

Lethal: Semtex

Tactical: Shock Charge

Perks: Lightweight, Scavenger and Tactical Mask

Loadouts and general gameplay tips provided by members of the Gamocial Gamers’ Network media team.

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