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Black Desert Online Classes Guide

Just getting started in Black Desert Online and not sure which one of the different classes you should start off with? Picking a class is an important first step in any MMO. With so many to choose from in BDO, it can be incredibly difficult to narrow your selection down to just one.

With that in mind, we’ve provided a summary of each class below that explains what role each class is best suited for. Use this information to determine which will be best for your preferred personal playing style. Some classes are a bit more difficult to learn than others, some are designed primarily for healing, others for DPS. Pick one that compliments how you typically play in an MMO.

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Black Desert Online Classes

Below is the full list of all classes in BDO along with a description of each one, pros and cons of using each class in PvE and PvP, and more. Use the list to help pick the right one for you.

Black Desert Online Classes


Berserker (also referred to sometimes as Giant) is a large, brute-force melee class that works well for both DPS and tanking. He’s capable of dealing decent damage and has quite a bit of defense, especially since the class is capable of wearing heavy armor types. While he does okay damage, the Berserker is definitely best suited for a tank role. It’s a great PvE farming class, though, because it’s super easy to use and requires little gear.

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The Ranger is a powerful, ranged attack class that is great for DPS. The class’ attacks are mostly for targeting single opponents, but pack quite a punch. It’s not an easy class to control, but if you can manage to master it, it’s an excellent choice for PvP and works moderately well in PvE, too.

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This class is only for the most skilled MMO players. It’s rather challenging to learn and use. The class is primarily designed for ranged DPS with AoE attacks. Because the majority of the Sorceress’ spells are centered around AoE it isn’t great for PvP, but is a strong class for PvE play. The Sorceress does, however, have lower defense, but high evasion.

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The Valkyrie is sort of a female warrior class, if you will. So, yes, it’s essentially a hack ‘n slash class. Much like the Berserker, this class can deal decent damage but definitely fits better in a tank role. It’s a great class to use in PvP, especially in 1v1 matchups, and works okay in PvE. Valkyrie has limited mobility, but makes up for it with tons of blocks, some crowd control abilities, and a few helpful party buffs, too.

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Warrior is an overall excellent class in Black Desert Online. It’s somewhat easy to learn to use, works great in PvP, and plays well in PvE, too. This is basically the male Valkyrie with a few differences. The class has a ton of defense, but can also dish out moderate damage at times. Just like the Valkyrie, it’s a great 1v1 class for PvP. The biggest drawback with this class is the limited range.

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Witch / Wizard

The Witch and Wizard classes are essentially the same. Both are standard mage-type classes that focus on casting long-range spells. Most of these classes’ attacks are AoE (area of effect), meaning they’re great for targeting multiple enemies at once. The class isn’t easy to use, however. It’s perfect for a high DPS role or even a healer role as they do have plenty of healing skills. The biggest drawback to the class is its very low defense rating which makes it a really squishy class – not ideal for beginners or casual MMO players.

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