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Bethesda Releases Elder Scrolls Online Intro Video

Elder Scrolls Online, the soon-to-be MMO installment of the popular Elder Scrolls series, has been one of the most talked about games of the year. It’s not set to release until sometime in 2013 but still many people are watching this one to see how it’s going to turn out. The ES series of games have made their mark in history as single player games, not multiplayer. The idea of taking it to a massive online multiplayer experience excites some while worries others.

Today, Bethesda released an introduction video to Elder Scrolls Online showcasing beautiful landscapes, explaining customization options in the game and showing actual PvP gameplay. From this video we can see that PvP battles will be especially large, consisting of hundreds of players on-screen at the same time. The Bethesda team also go on to explain that the game will feature one “megaserver” where all players will be on the same server rather than spread across shards.

Here’s the video:

According to the development team you will be able to explore all areas of Tamriel in ESO including the lands from Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind and Daggerfall. But, on top of all the areas you’re used to seeing in previous Elder Scrolls titles there will be new lands to explore as well. This should make for a rather massive world to explore in the TES MMO.

Other things discussed in the video include the questing system, social aspects of the game and various other odds and ends. While Bethesda didn’t give a ton of details in this introduction video, they sure gave us enough to keep us interested and waiting for more. You also have to keep in mind that Bethesda isn’t exactly directly involved with the development of this game, either. Zenimax Online Studios is the developer of Elder Scrolls Online.

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