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Best Gifts for Gamers: Guide to Buying for a Gaming Geek

Buying a gift for someone is often a challenging task for most. Not all of us are insanely creative and can come up with the perfect gift idea off the top of our heads. And, let’s face it, if you’re not a gaming nerd yourself, it can be quite the quest to figure out what to get a gamer. So, to make things a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest toys, gadgets and trinkets to get for your gamer friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, family member, or anyone in-between.

Gamer Apparel

Easily one of the most simplistic and universally compatible gift ideas on our list, gaming-related apparel is both easy to come by and well received. Whether it’s a t-shirt with their favorite video game character on it or a hoodie with the logo of the latest title, clothing is an easy and fun gift to give for gamers. One of the top suppliers is a company called J!NX.

JINX Gamer T-Shirts

Call of Duty: Black Ops Women’s Logo T-Shirt / $9.99 @ jinx.com

Throwback Gaming Consoles

For some gamers there’s just nothing like the classics. Unfortunately, finding older gaming consoles and/or games can be a difficult task. Finding them for a reasonable price is even more of a chore. But for old-school Nintendo players there’s still hope. ThinkGeek has a wonderful piece of technology called the Retro Duo system. It plays both NES and SNES games, is capable of handling 8-bit or 16-bit fun, and comes with 2 Super Nintendo style controllers.

Retro Duo NES and SNES Game System


Retro Duo NES/SNES Video Game Console / $49.99 @ thinkgeek.com

Phone Accessories

These days just about everyone has a smartphone of some sort. Millions have one of the ever-popular iPhones from Apple which is easily customized with nifty accessories. If the gamer you’re buying for has one you’re in luck because you can get a unique “Gameguy Color” iPhone4 case for just $15. It looks identical to the Gameboy Color, just named differently due to copyrights.

Gameguy Color iPhone Case


Gameguy Color iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s Case / $15 @ etsy.com

Halo Helmet Replica

It’s rare to find a replica of anything that is worth paying top dollar for. But the replica of Carter’s Commando helmet from the popular game, Halo Reach, is a gem to say the least. It will set you back $450 but the quality and attention to detail on this piece are phenomenal. Everything from the wear of the armor to the beautifully designed visor is just perfect. And it’s wearable!

Halo Reach Carter's Commando Helmet Replica


Replica of Carter’s Commando Helmet from Halo Reach / $450 @ etsy.com

WoW MoP Action Figures

Have a hardcore World of Warcraft on your list that you need to get a gift for? With the recent release of the Mists of Pandaria expansion for the game it just makes sense to get the latest and coolest action figure available. Presenting… Chen Stormstout, the first collectible Pandaren from Blizzard Entertainment. This guy comes packaged with an 8 inch replica of himself, his signature bamboo staff and, of course, his keg! This can be purchased from CMDstore.com.

World of Warcraft Chen Stormstout Figure

World of Warcraft Chen Stormstout Action Figure / $89.95 @ cmdstore.com

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