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Star Wars Battlefront Weapons Guide

Weapons are obviously a core part of any FPS title. That being said, Star Wars Battlefront offers up a decent variety of laser-powered rifles, launchers, and more for players to utilize in-game. Below we’ve outlined the entire collection of guns that can be found in the game.

Star Wars Battlefront Weapons


Full List of Star Wars Battlefront Weapons

Battlefront weapons are split into a few different categories. These include:

  • Blaster Rifles
  • Blaster Pistols
  • Heavy Blasters
  • Shock Blasters
  • Targeting Rifles

Each category boasts a few different guns. The entire list of Battlefront weapons is provided below and is organized by weapon category. You can also click the weapon category above to find a full list of guns under each section, plus tips for using them.

Blaster Rifles

  • A280
  • A280C
  • E-11
  • EE-3

Blaster Pistols

  • DH-17
  • SE-14C
  • DL-44

Heavy Blasters

  • DLT-19
  • RT-97C
  • T-21

Shock Blasters

  • CA-87

Targeting Rifles

  • T-21B

The links above will take you to pages dedicated to that weapon. These individual pages have in-depth overviews of each gun that cover things like their weapon type, unlock levels, unlock cost, damage output, overall range, rate of fire, and cooling power.

NOTE: Additional weapons are seen in the game but most are acquired via Star Cards and are on a long cooldown. In other words, you can’t equip them as your primary gun.

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