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Star Wars Battlefront Star Cards Guide

Star Cards are a new and interesting system for obtaining unique and powerful weapons and abilities in Star Wars Battlefront. Depending on which ones you select for your loadout (you can choose three) these will give your character access to an array of items from a Jump Pack to a strong weapon such as the Bowcaster.

Every player is able to design their own “hand” of Star Cards. Your loadout allows you to select up to three. Each one can be used at will, but do have either limited usage or a cooldown so you don’t get to use them constantly during matches.

Star Wars Battlefront Star Cards


Star Wars Battlefront Star Cards

There are tons of different Star Cards that players can pick from to customize their class setup. Below, we’ve provided a full list of the cards along with a description of what each one is.

Battlefront Thermal Detonator


Thermal Detonator – A strong grenade that deals a good bit of damage. Simple and effective. This becomes unlocked at level 2 and costs 150.

Battlefront Explosive Shot


Explosive Shot – Buffs the firepower of your current weapon by allowing it to fire explosive bolts. This effectively increases your damage. The effect is temporary and has a decent cooldown time.

Battlefront Impact Grenade


Impact Grenade – As the name implies, this is a grenade that explodes immediately upon hitting any player or object. The blast radius isn’t quite as large as other grenades, but players with great aim will find it effective.

Battlefront Pulse Cannon


Pulse Cannon – Upon activation the player will sport a long-range blaster rifle that deals a ton of damage. This weapon is great for sniping enemies. The total damage output is determined by how long the player charges the gun before firing.

Battlefront Cooling Cell


Cooling Cell – This is a unique ability that allows players to fire their primary weapon for longer times without having to worry about it overheating. The effect is temporary but does stop your gun from overheating for a good bit.

Battlefront Cycler Rifle


Cycler Rifle РAnother long-range rifle with great damage. It is able to kill enemies quickly at long distances and can even go through enemy energy shields.

Thermal Imploder – This is a unique explosive that operates similarly to the Thermal Detonator, but rather than just exploding like a traditional grenade it creates a vacuum with a large blast radius that deals loads of damages to nearby enemies.

Cluster Shot – This Star Card provides a buff to the player’s weapon – giving it the ability to deal a decent amount of explosive splash damage on targets.


Flash Grenade – As the name implies, this card gives the player access to a grenade that is designed to blind and momentarily disorient opponents. The grenade creates a bright flash of light and a loud noise to partially disable enemies within the explosion proximity.

Battlefront Ion Grenade


Ion Grenade – Another grenade. This one, however, is primarily intended to be used against enemy vehicles, to take down energy shields, or to attack droids. It deals a ton of damage.

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Barrage – Upon activation, the player will equip a MPL-57, a launcher that fires three grenades that explode within seconds of firing. It’s great for taking out enemy infantry but can also cause considerable damage against vehicles when timed correctly.


Ion Torpedo – A powerful weapon that is meant to take out enemy vehicles and stationary guns. It deals massive damage and can wipe out enemy artillery quickly.

Homing Shot – This Star Wars Battlefront Star Card allows the player to sport a launcher that fires homing rockets that lock on to enemy targets. It works well at long range, too.


Scout Pistol – Gives the player a powerful short-range blaster pistol. It’s an excellent weapon for CQC (close quarters combat) and can take down opponents fast. At medium to long range, however, the damage drops off steeply and the gun isn’t very useful.


Smoke Grenade – A grenade designed to provide cover for you and your teammates to escape a sticky situation or to distract enemies and flank them. The smoke limits visibility and also disrupts the targeting abilities of weapons that normally lock-on to players.

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Bowcaster – The infamous weapon of the beloved Wookiee, Chewbacca. The weapon is able to fire multiple explosive bolts in a horizontal line. It deals loads of damage and is highly effective at taking out enemy infantry. It must be charged to fire bolts, though. To many this is one of the overpowered Star Wars Battlefront Star Cards.


Personal Shield – Allows the player to drop an energy shield that deflects enemy fire. It only works against standard energy-based guns, though. Grenades and some weapon types, such as Cycler Rifles, are capable of penetrating the shield.


Ion Shot – Another primary weapon buff. Makes your weapon fire ion-charged bolts. These bolts are significantly more powerful and can deal great damage against energy shields, vehicles, and even droids.


Jump Pack – Once activated, the player will have access to a thrust pack that gives your character the ability to move across long distances quickly by boosting through the air. It works well for getting across large maps fast, but can also be used to dodge enemy fire and even execute some creative attacks.

Smart Rocket – Equips the player with a rocket launcher that can be fired at will at any enemy player or other target. If the launcher senses that an enemy vehicle is nearby, however, it can and will lock on to it. It’s pretty useful for taking out groups of enemy troops or taking down airborne foes.

Orbital Strike – This is a very powerful ability. When you use it you actually call in a cannon strike from ships based just outside the planet. The attack covers a good amount of ground and deals tons of damage to both players and vehicles.

Squad Shield – Operates somewhat like the Personal Shield but it allows the player to sport a portable shield that can protect both the player’s character and allies from energy-based weaponry from enemy troops.

Card Refresh – A nifty ability that, upon activation, will automatically reset the cooldown timer on all of your Star Wars Battlefront Star Cards, allowing you to instantly use them again. As one would expect, this card has a rather lengthy cooldown itself, though.


Focus Fire – This is a great card to have on if you’re already a great shot or if you can’t aim for crap and need some assistance. Once you turn it on your primary blaster will have increased accuracy. The effect is temporary, but it’s very useful.

R5D4 Droid – Gives the player the ability to summon a small droid onto the battlefield. The droid will move around the map, find enemies, and fire at them. It can get kills on its own, but its also great for backup fire.

Viper Probe Droid – Works the same as above.

Proximity Bomb – This is essentially a trip mine. It can be placed anywhere on the map and when an enemy crosses its detection radius, it explodes and deals lethal damage.

Infantry Turret – Spawns an autonomous turret that will spot enemies and fire at them on its own.

Vehicle Turret – Same as above, only this one specifically targets enemy vehicles rather than individual troops.

Blaster Cannon – Gives the player access to the Mark II, a blaster cannon that packs a lot of heat. It decimates opponents at close to mid range.


Scan Pulse – This is a unique ability that puts out a 360 degree blast that reveals the locations of enemy troops in the nearby vicinity. It is capable of penetrating walls and other objects, showing enemies that may be in the next room or crouched behind cover.

That concludes our Star Wars Battlefront Star Cards guide!

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