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How to Level Up Fast in Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront, much like the Battlefield series, is painfully slow when it comes to ranking up. To reach the highest level (50) you’ll need to rack up TONS of experience. Is it worth it? Well, you do gain access to the ridiculously awesome-looking Shadow Trooper at rank 50, so yes. Today, we’re going to tell exactly how to level up fast in Star Wars Battlefront.

How to Level Up Fast in Battlefront

The biggest issue people face is figuring out the fastest route to 50. Playing the game naturally will obviously get you there in due time, but if you want to max out your character as quickly as possible we’ve got a few tips that’ll help you earn more XP during your gaming sessions.

Leveling Up in Star Wars Battlefront


Here’s a big one that many noobs and lone wolves tend to overlook – play the objective! Even the worst players in the game can rack up tons of points every single match by simply defending or capturing objectives.

By just standing in the objective area for extended periods of time you get points for doing practically nothing. Get a kill against an attacker in the objective and you’ll earn bonus points, too. This is an easy way to level up fast in Star Wars Battlefront.

Battlefront PTFO

This is really a very basic concept but so many people just want to run around the map aimlessly and try to get kills. The vast majority of the game modes in Battlefront center around objectives. Contribute to your team by helping to secure and defend them and you’ll more than likely end up with higher scores every match.

Higher scores and wins = more experience.

NOTE: If objective-based game modes aren’t up your alley, stick to playing modes like Blast.

Customize Your Loadout

Another basic tip, but still pretty important – customize your character loadout with weapons and Star Cards that compliment your personal play style. Doing so will help you level up fast in Star Wars Battlefront.

Sure, there may be a lot of players that perform well with, say, the DH-17, but you may find that you can get kills more consistently using the E-11. Don’t build your classes on what’s most popular – develop them using what works for you.

SWBF Loadout

This requires a good bit of testing and can take a bit of time because, well, to unlock more weapons you’ll have to play more to earn more credits. The most popular weapons are a good place to start, but try out some of the less-used guns, too. You may find that you kick major ass with one of the most overlooked blasters in the game.

Star Cards are important to think about, too. If you like to attack objectives often you may find grenades to be highly useful for eliminating defenders. If you’re more of a support player you may want to try out using the Ion Torpedo to help destroy enemy vehicles or Homing Shot to pop off defenders at a distance that are firing at your teammates.

Why is all this important? You get more experience if you rack up tons of kills. You also gain a good bit of XP for taking down AT-STs, AT-ATs, Speeders, and various other vehicles. All of this will help you level up faster in Star Wars Battlefront.

Complete Challenges

If you really want to speed up your leveling progress in SWBF you’ll definitely want to try to complete a lot of the challenges. These aren’t that hard to do and they reward you not only with experience, but also bonus credits – so they are well worth doing.

SWBF Challenges

A lot of the challenges are quite basic, too. Some involve just getting a set number of kills with a specific weapon type. Others require you to take down a handful of vehicles. You can see all of the challenges that are available to you, as well as your progress on them, by going into the Stats menu.

From the Stats menu you can see what challenges are available to do, see your current progress on each one, and even choose to get a new challenge to replace the current ones. Swapping out challenges is really only useful if you don’t like playing a game mode it requires or you think it’ll take too long to complete.

Change It Up

So – what are the best ways to level up fast in Star Wars Battlefront? Let’s recap.

Want more experience? Use more variety. This applies to your weapons, the game modes you play, vehicles you use, and so on. You’ll earn XP naturally by getting kills with each gun, but changing the weapon type you use (blaster, heavy blaster, etc) from time to time will net you bigger gains because, after a while, you’ll stop or significantly slow down earning experience from overusing one weapon type.

This same concept applies to game modes, vehicles, and more and is directly related to challenges. After you’ve completed several, you may want to consider playing a different game mode or trying out different guns to maximize your experience gains.

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