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Star Wars Battlefront Heroes and Villains Guide

One of the coolest features of the new Star Wars Battlefront game is being able to play as some of the most iconic characters of the series. At certain points in matches of a few game modes players actually have the opportunity to play as one of six different special characters, commonly referred to as the Battlefront Heroes and Villains.

Star Wars Battlefront Heroes and Villains

Star Wars Battlefront Heroes and Villains


Playable Heroes (the rebels) include:

  • Han Solo
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Princess Leia

Playable Villains (the Imperials) include:

  • Boba Fett
  • Darth Vader
  • Emperor Palpatine

These characters are available for player use in the Hero Hunt and Heroes vs Villains game modes. Each one has their own unique weapons and abilities. Availability of characters depends on which team the player is on. If playing on the Rebel side, you’ll get access to Heroes whereas if you’re playing on the Imperial side you’ll get access to Villains.

Below is an overview of each character.

Han Solo

Han is all about speed and offensive capabilities. He’s a great choice for players that just want to rack up some extra kills. One of his special moves, however, is great for supporting your team.

Han Solo


Weapon – DL-44 Blaster Pistol

With Han Solo players get access to the Lucky Shot, Rapid Fire, and Shoulder Charge abilities.

Lucky Shot – This is actually a buff to your blaster’s power. When active, you can charge up your blaster and fire off an extra powerful shot which is highly effective against enemy vehicles. It’s excellent for taking out airborne or ground-based vehicles and is great for providing support for your teammates.

Rapid Fire – In other FPS titles this is typically an adjustment to the overall firing rate of the weapon. In Battlefront, however, this ability gives the player the chance to fire their weapon as quickly as they can press the trigger for a short period of time. While active, the player can fire continuously without the weapon overheating. This allows the player to take out multiple enemies fast or even take on another hero or villain with boosted confidence.

Shoulder Charge – A strong melee attack which can be used to deal tons of damage to enemy troops. When used strategically, however, it can also be used to quickly escape an unwinnable situation. It’s an excellent ability for both offensive and defensive maneuvers.

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Luke Skywalker

Luke is probably one of the coolest additions to the game. He’s quick, agile, and makes for a great character to play in practically any scenario. He has multiple abilities that work well for both close quarters combat and long range engagements. He is indeed a truly powerful hero on the battlefield.

Luke Skywalker


Weapon – Lightsaber

With Skywalker players will have access to the Force Throw, Heavy Attack, and Saber Rush abilities. These are detailed below.

Force Throw – In most other Star Wars games this move has been referred to as the “Force Push”. Using it allows the player to push opponents away using the force. While it doesn’t deal a ton of damage it’s quite useful for temporarily disabling your enemies for your teammates to take them down with blasters or for you to rush in and slice them to pieces with Luke’s lightsaber.

Heavy Attack – This is an extremely deadly melee attack. It involves performing a wide-sweeping swing with the lightsaber that can capture multiple opponents in the nearby proximity at once. It’s an excellent maneuver for eliminating 2-3 enemies simultaneously.

Saber Rush – This isn’t technically an offensive ability, but it’s still extremely useful. With Saber Rush you can actually propel your character across vast distances very quickly. This can be used to execute a fast, deadly attack on an opponent across the map or it can be used as a defense mechanism to quickly escape the battle and recover.

Princess Leia

Just as in the movies, Princess Leia is just as deadly and cunning as she is lovely. Leia has a unique set of abilities that make her incredibly useful as a supportive team player, but she does have an offensive one that packs serious punch, too. She’s one of the great Star Wars Battlefront heroes.



Weapon – E-11 Blaster Rifle

With Leia players will have access to the Enhanced Squad Shield, Passive, Supply Drop, and Trooper Bane abilities. A summary of each one is provided below.

Enhanced Squad Shield – Operates similarly to the standard squad shield, but with a few bonuses. First off, the shield can actually block Force-based attacks, not just blaster fire. Secondly, Leia can still perform attacks, including using the Trooper Bane, while inside the shield. It’s great for protecting your teammates and yourself.

Passive – This is a truly interesting ability. It actually buffs surrounding Rebel troops and bestows the power of the Alderaan Honor Guards upon them. It’s yet another very useful supportive capability that the Princess packs in her arsenal.

Supply Drop – Another awesome support ability. Upon activation, Leia actually calls in supply drops which contain various power-ups that allies can pick up and use. The power-ups vary from blaster rifle damage increases to health bonuses and beyond.

Trooper Bane – This is Princess Leia’s only real offensive ability in Star Wars Battlefront. While active, Leia’s E-11 blaster rifle becomes super powered. For a short time, all shots fired from the blaster will cause one-hit kills against enemy troops. It’s insanely strong and very handy for wiping Stormtroopers off the map.

Boba Fett

Yet another incredibly iconic character that is playable in Star Wars Battlefront 2015 is the most bad-ass bounty hunter of them all – Boba Fett. This guy is probably the most versatile of all of the heroes and villains. He has abilities that are great for both close quarters combat and long range attacks.

Boba Fett


Weapon – EE-3 Carbine Rifle

With Fett, players will gain access to the Flame Thrower, Rocket Launcher, and Thruster Pack abilities. These are detailed below.

Flame Thrower – As the name suggests, this ability lets players arm themselves with a powerful flamethrower that decimates opponents quickly at short range. It’s strong and highly effective, even against groups of enemies. The range may be a bit limited, but the flames will engulf enemies fast and help the player rack up several extra kills.

Rocket Launcher – Yet again, the name says it all. Once activated, Boba Fett gains the ability to fire rockets out of his wrist-mounted launcher. The rockets may appear small, but they pack some serious punch. Well-placed shots can wipe out enemy troops with ease, even in long distance engagements.

Thruster Pack – Finally, we come to Fett’s most standard piece of equipment – his handy jetpack. The pack allows the player to move across large spaces quickly and easily by flying through the air. The thruster pack offers quite a bit of fuel to use and it recharges when not in use. It’s quite useful for getting to or away from enemy soldiers in a hurry.

Darth Vader

Yes, the dark lord – no, not Voldemort – makes an appearance in Battlefront, too. Players are able to play as the all-powerful Darth Vader. The iconic leader of the Galactic Empire has a few awesome short to medium range attacks that players can use to tear through the Rebel forces with. Obviously he would classified as one of the Star Wars Battlefront villains.

Darth Vader


Weapon – Lightsaber

With Vader, players will be able to use the Force Choke, Heavy Attack, and Saber Throw abilities. These are outlined in detail below.

Force Choke – Perhaps one of the Lord Vader’s most iconic moves from the movies is available for player use in the game. This move allows players to grab enemies by the throat using the Force to choke the life out of them. Not only that, but it can actually be used on multiple opponents simultaneously, making it a very powerful and deadly ability against small groups of enemies in short range encounters.

Heavy Attack – This is a melee-based attack that makes Vader perform a wide-reaching sweep with his lightsaber that can kill multiple enemies with a single slice. It’s powerful, but you’ve got to be up close and personal with your opponents to pull it off. When executed correctly, though, it’s insanely useful.

Saber Throw – Last, but certainly not least, Vader is also able to actually throw out his lightsaber to strike opponents. This attack is strong and the saber actually travels quite far, making it ideal for long-range attacks. A well-aimed throw can easily strike down an enemy with little effort.

Emperor Palpatine

The last character available within the heroes and villains for players to use in SWBF is none other than Emperor Palpatine, a powerful sith Lord who, despite his weak appearance, is both strong and agile. Don’t let his decrepit appearance fool you – this guy is out for blood.

Emperor Palpatine


Weapon – Force Lightning

Playing as the Emperor players will have the chance to use the Chain Lightning, Force Dash, and Imperial Resources abilities. These are all covered in full detail below.

Chain Lightning – This is an upgraded version of Paplatine’s standard lightning attack. When activated, his lightning will chain outward toward nearby enemies. It’s a great area-of-effect attack that works very well against small groups of enemies in the open battlefield. It is, however, limited in range so you’ll have to get somewhat close to your opponents for it to be effective.

Force Dash – This is a unique maneuver that allows the Emperor to move forward very quickly. In the animation Palpatine basically jumps forward and spins, thrusting himself forward. This move can be used to reach an out-of-reach enemy fast or, if you’re out-manned or close to death, away from danger.

Imperial Resources – Finally, we come to the Emperor’s support ability. Once activated, this move will actually provide various power-ups and health boosts for nearby teammates to use. It’s an excellent ability that will help keep your team afloat when the battle is close.

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