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Around the Web: Halo 4 News Blogs to Check Out

Say what you like about it, but Halo is still one of the biggest franchises around when it comes to console gaming. Let’s face it, Halo basically made the Xbox 360 what it is today. Sure, there are other large series now, such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, but Halo still holds its own against these giants.

Halo 4, the latest title in the series, has had more updates than you can shake a Gravity Hammer at. From new playlists to Forge playgrounds and beyond, the team over at 343 Industries has definitely put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this game. For gamers that want to keep up with all of the new additions to the game (such as the new competitive skill ranking system) there are tons of H4 sites on the ‘net. Below you’ll find some of our favorites.

Halo 4 News

1. Halo 4 Nation

The gamers over at Halo4Nation.com are seriously dedicated to the game. They cover every topic related to the game including title updates, the latest DLC packs that come out, and they even dissect the constantly released blog posts over on Halo Waypoint known as the Halo Bulletins. If you want the latest information, tips, and glitches for this game, you’ll definitely want to stop by this blog.

2. Halo Follower

For the gamer that’s more interested in learning about rumors of Halo 5, or checking out some nifty machinima or gameplay footage, Halo Follower is the place to be. This one is only updated about once a week, if that, but provides players with some interesting insight into how the next Halo could be as well as detailed overviews of new map packs and updates to the game itself.

3. The Halo Council

The Halo Council is one of the most popular and game-focused blogs on the Internet. It provides tons of news for all of the series including Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo 4. They provide detailed strategies for all gametypes on every map in the game, feature clips and montages from the Halo community, discuss the latest update notes, and much more. They’re also pretty active on other websites such as YouTube and Twitch.tv. This is definitely a great source of all things Halo.

4. N4G’s Halo 4 Section

While it’s always great to get official news, there are other bits of info that are cool to read about that aren’t released by major gaming companies. N4G houses user submitted news on the latest games for PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo gaming consoles. Here you can learn about the latest rumors and talk of the web regarding your favorite games, including Halo 4. It’s always interesting to scan over this every once in a while just to see what the gaming community has found. Head over to N4G’s Halo 4 area to get up-to-the-minute stories.

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