Battleborn is the Latest Title in the MOBA Craze

Battleborn PS4 Xbox One PC

Battleborn by Gearbox Software is an online first-person shooter with multiplayer online battle arena components that demands you to do away with your foes and acquire points while you play, all whilst trying to destroy bosses scattered throughout the map. There are more than a dozen characters to select from and each one has its own set of powers and is associated with one of the 5 different factions in the game, not to mention that players will always begin with the same levels and they will rank up based upon their talent.Battleborn PS4 Xbox One PC

In genuine multiplayer online battle arena style, you obtain experience in addition to brand new capabilities and skills as you play. When you have enough skill points you can opt for a particular collection of perks which will help you to direct your character through the whole match up. Learn more about the various characters here.

Battle is fulfilling and there’s a big variety of firearms to start with meaning that you won’t have trouble fighting and abolishing adversaries as you play. Moreover, you will find heroes who have offensive capabilities, whereas others are assist centered and do a a lot better job in that regard. In addition, you get the ability to come across AI controlled adversaries as you play which make the game a lot more immersive. Want effective strategies for winning more matches? Visit this website for a full guide to the game.

Despite the fact that Battleborn is a multiplayer centric game, there is a story aspect that will connect with the multiplayers and with Three or more online game modes in multi-player, there is certainly plenty of content to pursue. Battleborn not long ago had an open beta and it will be released May 3 2016, you must give it a look if you enjoy ARTS or online first-person shooter games.

Fallout 4 ‘Wasteland Workshop’ DLC Coming April 12th

Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop

It’s only been two weeks since the release of Fallout 4’s first add-on, Automatron, but that’s not holding the Bethesda team back from pumping out even more content for the game. The developers announced today that a new DLC called Wasteland Workshop will be made available on Tuesday, April 12th.

Here’s the official trailer for the DLC:

This new add-on gives players access to a host of new items for their settlements including cages that can be used to capture living beings (including Deathclaws, Mirelurks, Raiders, and more), brand new lighting fixtures, taxidermy items, and loads more.

In addition to that, the trailer reveals that players will be able to construct a number of new traps including a rotating saw blade that glides side-to-side, gruesome ground-based spike traps, and spring traps to launch encroaching enemies off their feet onto the cold, hard surface of the post-apocalyptic world.

The add-on is set to be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam on April 12th. A price has not been mentioned just yet, but considering this DLC doesn’t seem to have as much content to it as Automatron – it would stand to reason that Wasteland Workshop should be priced under $9.99.

5 Things That Make Black Ops 3 Suck Horribly

Black Ops 3 Weapon Balance

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 may be one of the most popular FPS games available right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect game. The truth is… it blows. There are so many things wrong with this game that it’s absolutely flabbergasting that any real gamer could go so far as it to say it’s a worthy investment of time and money. Let’s talk about why this game is awful.

Specialist Classes

This is a big one. For many long-time Call of Duty players, the new specialist character system that was introduced in BO3 completely destroyed the series. This system puts one-hit-kill weapons and insane abilities that require little to no skill to use in the hands of every player.

Black Ops 3 Specialists

This may not have been so bad if you were required to get a high kill-streak going to actually use the weapons and abilities these character possess, but you don’t. In fact, you don’t have to do much of anything. Even if you only manage to pull off a kill or two you’re still very likely to muster up enough energy to use your specialist’s weapon or ability at least once during a match.

The worst part is that these can often change the tide of battle very quickly. Even the most garbage player in the lobby can still get a decent amount of kills using Battery’s ridiculous grenade launcher or Prophet’s chaining multi-kill machine, the Tempest.

Yes, a lot of players are glad they finally took the series in a new direction and enjoy the specialists. Many old-school and competitive players, however, feel that these new additions have all but destroyed the game.

Weapon “Balance”

If you can say that Black Ops 3’s weapon system is fair and balanced with a straight face then you should definitely take up the game of poker – you’ll probably win big. The truth is – it’s not. There are always a handful of weapons that wind up being far more effective than the rest no matter what fine-tuning Treyarch seems to do.

Black Ops 3 Weapon Balance

It doesn’t help that the developers very clearly don’t pay attention to what the community says AT ALL. When the game first released everyone complained about the shotguns being massively overpowered, yet Treyarch decided to actually BUFF these weapons in a later patch.

In addition to crazy strong shotguns there are also SMGs that perform ridiculously well at ranges they have no business being effective at (*cough, cough – KUDA*) as well as semi-auto rifle that can one-shot an enemy in a core match at nearly any distance making it difficult for even a sniper to compete with them.

Terrible Maps

We all thought that Treyarch was doing us a favor by actually creating a decent number of original maps for this game – something a lot of CoD titles seem to be getting lazy with in recent years – but, sadly, there are really only a couple of maps that anyone really likes in the game.

Black Ops 3 Maps

With the exception of maybe Combine and Fringe, players really don’t care for the other 10 or so maps that were included with the vanilla game. That’s not surprising, though. Most people are incredibly bored with the traditional 3-lane setup. Plus, the maps are just poorly designed. Most force the course of battle heavily with the limited lane options and, due to the insane amount of cover and obstacles, a lot are constructed to be a camper’s paradise.

Even now, after the release of the Awakening DLC pack, there are STILL very few good maps to play. Sure, a lot of people love the Hijacked remake, Skyjacked, but the other three DLC maps are among the most hated in the game.

Cryptokeys and Supply Drops

Another big letdown for the game is how Treyarch has handled the inclusion of supply drops. In order to get any you have to first earn an in-game currency called Cryptokeys. That’s all fine and dandy, until you realize just how painfully slow this process is.

Black Ops 3 Supply Drops

For non-hardcore CoD gamers, this is a major pain. In most matches you’ll only earn two, maybe three keys. You can buy a common drop for just 10, but your chances of getting anything worthwhile are astronomically low. Most players want to spring for the rare drops which guarantee at least one rare or greater item. The problem is that these require 30 keys to obtain.

That means in order to get a chance at any decent items you’ve got to play 10+ matches just to get one supply drop. Couple that with the fact that even the rare drops have marginally insignificant odds of dishing out any of the new weapons or other awesome gear and this quickly becomes annoying.

Of course, there’s always the alternative – spend your hard earned, real cash to play the digital item lottery. No thanks. Sorry, but if you’re one of those people that has dropped $100+ on CoD Points to HOPEFULLY get in-game items – you are part of the problem with gaming today.

Matchmaking Issues

To be fair, this has been a long-standing problem in nearly every Call of Duty title to date, but it’s still something worth noting. It changes up every now and then, depending on when Treyarch feels like making an odd switch, but sometimes there seems to be SBMM (skill based matchmaking) and other times it seems to be relative to connection. Both are awful in their own ways.

Black Ops 3 SBMM

Couple that with the ever-frustrating problem of being thrown into matches where your team is getting absolutely stomped and matchmaking can be a serious pain. Yes, they finally implemented the feature that stops you from collecting a loss stat, but what about when you get injected into a game when the enemy team has R.A.P.S, a Mothership, or even just a Wraith up? You spawn in, die. Spawn in, die. It’s an instant K/D killer, hence why so many people immediately quit games before spawning in during these instances.

Black Desert Online Classes Guide

Black Desert Online Classes

Just getting started in Black Desert Online and not sure which one of the different classes you should start off with? Picking a class is an important first step in any MMO. With so many to choose from in BDO, it can be incredibly difficult to narrow your selection down to just one.

With that in mind, we’ve provided a summary of each class below that explains what role each class is best suited for. Use this information to determine which will be best for your preferred personal playing style. Some classes are a bit more difficult to learn than others, some are designed primarily for healing, others for DPS. Pick one that compliments how you typically play in an MMO.

Black Desert Online Classes

Below is the full list of all classes in BDO along with a description of each one, pros and cons of using each class in PvE and PvP, and more. Use the list to help pick the right one for you.

Black Desert Online Classes


Berserker (also referred to sometimes as Giant) is a large, brute-force melee class that works well for both DPS and tanking. He’s capable of dealing decent damage and has quite a bit of defense, especially since the class is capable of wearing heavy armor types. While he does okay damage, the Berserker is definitely best suited for a tank role. It’s a great PvE farming class, though, because it’s super easy to use and requires little gear.

Read our full Berserker guide.


The Ranger is a powerful, ranged attack class that is great for DPS. The class’ attacks are mostly for targeting single opponents, but pack quite a punch. It’s not an easy class to control, but if you can manage to master it, it’s an excellent choice for PvP and works moderately well in PvE, too.

Read our full Ranger guide.


This class is only for the most skilled MMO players. It’s rather challenging to learn and use. The class is primarily designed for ranged DPS with AoE attacks. Because the majority of the Sorceress’ spells are centered around AoE it isn’t great for PvP, but is a strong class for PvE play. The Sorceress does, however, have lower defense, but high evasion.

Read our full Sorceress guide.


The Valkyrie is sort of a female warrior class, if you will. So, yes, it’s essentially a hack ‘n slash class. Much like the Berserker, this class can deal decent damage but definitely fits better in a tank role. It’s a great class to use in PvP, especially in 1v1 matchups, and works okay in PvE. Valkyrie has limited mobility, but makes up for it with tons of blocks, some crowd control abilities, and a few helpful party buffs, too.

Read our full Valkyrie guide.


Warrior is an overall excellent class in Black Desert Online. It’s somewhat easy to learn to use, works great in PvP, and plays well in PvE, too. This is basically the male Valkyrie with a few differences. The class has a ton of defense, but can also dish out moderate damage at times. Just like the Valkyrie, it’s a great 1v1 class for PvP. The biggest drawback with this class is the limited range.

Read our full Warrior guide.

Witch / Wizard

The Witch and Wizard classes are essentially the same. Both are standard mage-type classes that focus on casting long-range spells. Most of these classes’ attacks are AoE (area of effect), meaning they’re great for targeting multiple enemies at once. The class isn’t easy to use, however. It’s perfect for a high DPS role or even a healer role as they do have plenty of healing skills. The biggest drawback to the class is its very low defense rating which makes it a really squishy class – not ideal for beginners or casual MMO players.

Read our full Witch and Wizard guide.

Defiance Update 3.4 (Dark Metamorphosis) Now Live on All Platforms

Defiance MMO

The latest update for Defiance, an MMO-shooter from Trion Worlds, has been dispatched to the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 platforms. This update provides players with new missions, pursuits, Arkfalls, and more. Additionally, with DM comes a few changes to a couple of the game’s weapons, a brand new lockbox available via the in-game store, and a new bundle pack as well.

Here are the full patch notes for the 3.4 update and details about what’s included:

Defiance 3.4 Update

Defiance 3.4 Update (2)

Defiance Miasma

Defiance 3.4 Update (3)


We have to say, it’s rather awesome that the developers are still supporting this game despite its decline in popularity. We would love to see a second game (Defiance 2, if you will) come to the current generation of consoles (Xbox One and Playstation 4), but, sadly, Trion has already stated that they do not have any intentions of bringing the game to the newer platforms.

Source: []

WildStar Double XP Weekend Starts Tomorrow

WildStar Double XP Weekend

If you’re playing WildStar and looking for some serious experience gains to help you level up faster – this upcoming weekend is definitely a good time to dedicated to your characters. NCsoft has announced that they are activating a double XP weekend event which begins tomorrow (Friday, February 26th).

WildStar Double XP Weekend

This event is scheduled to begin at around 5:01 am EST Friday and will end around 2:59 am February 27th. The extra experience also stacks with any bonuses you already receive from being a Signature member. The developers suggest completing various expeditions and dungeon runs to fully capitalize on the additional XP.

NCsoft also states that if your main is already at the highest level, you can always use this time to quickly level up your alts.

WildStar is a free-to-play MMO with a great storyline, an interesting art style, and more. You can download and play the game for free by registering an account on the official website.

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